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“If I could sell in the morning, I would”
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That is a very good article on completion bonds in general and on planning enforcement in the morass of unfinished estates nationwide.

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jcsmith wrote:
“Unfinished business” … 16446.html

Eh, no. The classic examples are the two-thirds finished parts of estates that will not be finished. Swathes of concrete and pipe in the ground. Rocky roads and plots laid out. Nobody will buy them for anything. Any finished property has some value, perhaps as a tax dodge - but it will be less than the cost. Say somewhere has capital allowances of 100k, with no realistic resale value, no rental value and a demolition cost of 30k. What are you going to pay for it? Max 50k?

Just out of curiosity - what would you do with it?

I wouldn’t. But I would if it were in Clare somewhere.

Indeed, there has to be a limit to the number of paintball venues.

Am I right in saying we still have a lack of clarity over exactly what’s out there? I mean, I know there was the NUIM research and the UCD research which seemed to agree on overall numbers. But, IIRC, once the detail behind those overall numbers was looked at, differences seemed to emerge over exactly where all these empties were.

That’s not necessarily a problem - again, IIRC, they were both counting slightly different things. But does this leave us without knowing what the precise shape of the problem is?

Is it fair to say that what we need to know is x% of empties are finished units bought by small investors, y% are finished units not yet sold by developers and z% are unfinished units at different stages of construction. We’d also need to know where exactly those different kinds of units are - because all of those factors influence what’s an appropriate response. Clearly, another aspect of the problem is the extent to which estates contain properties in all three categories, with maybe some occupied units in the mix too.

What am I driving at? Just that the response to dealing with 100,000 unfinished houses would be quite different to the response to 100,000 finished houses. The complication will be if an estate consists of (say) 100 houses, 10 of which are occupied, 20 of which are empty investment properties, 30 of which are unsold and 40 of which are just shells without a roof.

But I think the main question is really how much do we know about the shape of the problem. Was there ever anything more about whether UCD and NUIM reconciled the differences in their studies?

Don’t forget YM that in a lot, if not most counties if you want to build your own home you’ll get slapped with a dirty great bill for ‘contributions’ for services you will theoritically receive from the CC.

For counties around Dublin these are now in the 15-20k range & go up significantly if your site is bigger than 0.75 acres !

I agree and have paid them! But we are hypothecating on an ‘unwanted’ buy (much like the 5k thread).

Examiner find a possible solution

Is there not already a mighty similar “canvas” up in the Sandyford Estate formerly known as an Industrial One…???

Are they going to paint horses and quad bikes in the gardens? … 92823.html

Mad as a box of frogs!

I don’t think they get it, the money is not there, either private or public. The money that is going in will be wasted. Painting a cat on a window FFS!!! whats going to happen when darkness falls in an anti social behaviour hotspot

lol whats going on with the houses they will paint them fake cats etc wtf? how about we paint stressed out couples shouting at each other because they hold a worthless piece of crap… im dreaming am I? painting the houses, ffs…

Presumably the Garda Squad cars painstakingly painted onto nearby gable ends will keep things quiet.

Who knows what to do with areas that have been let go this far. I’d support rehousing some of the genuine families in some of our numerous empties around the country, of course that too is not without its difficulties. The communities themselves need “regeneration” as much as the grim urban surrounds.

Back to ghost estates: I as a young urchin found abandoned factories irresistible. It was something to do, somewhere to explore. And I wasn’t even malicious.

What i would like to know is what happens when the regimes latest scam renting houses from builders to social housing tennants, what will joe six pack think of he paying 410k for house in 2006, while Anto 12 pack bud is next door with no negative equity, you know it may work out as in getting a better community groove etc but its also likely in some instances to be the ultimate nightmare for joe six pack, funny piece by Ross o caroll kelly, when he came out of his apartment with golf club when he saw urchins next door, to his horror they were moving in…

You mightn’t have to wait long - there are plenty of section 23s in Co Clare!!

Bags being the Limerick Banksy!