Irish Farmland - Another Foreign Occupation Vector

Irish Farm land is wide open vector of insidious attack and occupation for any foreign individual or entity, including other States, such as China.

You saw how the 06’ Bubble & Bust worked out and totally undermined the State, map that to farm land and food security and add in the reality of the 1840’s Menace genocide and depopulation of Ireland and see how you feel about the latest news.

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Also and afaict in the US, there has been much dismay and unease for many years now with anecdotal reports of the Chinese and the lieks of Bill Gate buying up prime farm land all over the USA.

In some instances possibly close to strategic US Military or Airforce bases, in security terms it looks like asymmetrical tactic of war.

RTE and Irish academia already have the indigenous Irish farmer in their sights.

With ‘brainstorming’ articles such as this:

What Irish farming needs: young, female, more diverse farmers

Over three days in September, more than a quarter of a million people will attend the National Ploughing Championships. But who are they - and do they represent the future of Irish farming? According to the most recent national statistics, almost one third of all farm holders are 65 or over with less than 7% under the age of 35, while females still make up less than 14% of all farm holders in Ireland.

The continued success of Irish agriculture is dependent on this next generation of farmers and therefore succession and planning are key and we need to respond properly to the challenges facing this important sector. There is a need to diversify the farming community and in connecting young people with the sector.

There is a clear business case for more young people and females in farming, but the industry must be attractive for them. We need to show young people that farming is advantageous and pragmatic in terms of increasing the diversity of views and optimising the potential for the industry.

Farming is important to everyone because farmers are the primary producers of our food. There are many issues being faced in farming, from climate change to economic viability, and bringing young people and females into the discussion is necessary. Currently, we are overlooking the talents of so many of the farming population, something which does not make sense in either a social justice or economic context.

Farmers are the custodians and caretakers of the land and know better than anyone the importance of soil health and nature. They are part of a legacy of people who have toiled and dedicated their lives to the animals and crops in their care and to the ground they depend on. As the proverb goes, when the blood in your veins returns to the sea, and the earth in your bones returns to the ground, perhaps then you will remember that this land does not belong to you, it is you who belong to this land.

What Irish farming needs: young, female, more diverse farmers (

It’s stuff like this that could make you think: New Zealand’s team is known everywhere as the All Blacks.
Is Ireland now represented by the Anti-Whites

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