irish fascination with converting the garage

Why have so many houses in Ireland got the garage converted into what normally becomes a superfluous room with nothing much in it - normally cold, often damp with the family’s second biggest asset sitting in the driveway rotting in the Irish “climate” ( rain ) 365 days a year ?

I just don’t get the fact such a huge number of folks do this.

In most other countries the garage is as big as the house !

Most garages won’t fit a normal family saloon car in Ireland anyway.

Cars don’t generally rust as much these days so I’m not sure on the rotting comment, anyway aren’t the children your biggest asset / liability after the mortgage?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not an Irish Man’s fascination.

It’s not the garages… tis the side gardens being considered to be “sites” is what I can’t get.

As for converting garages… sure don’t you know that kids in Ireland have to have at least 2 bedrooms each or the friction from them bumping up against each other should they share a room, could burn down the house!

Answer found in only 2 posts. The Pin really is on the ball these days.

Correct thats his willy (dependent on age but generally from age 8 to 80) followed by his belly (all ages) and de pub (bred into him from the cradle).

As for converting the garage I would say it was initially done to provide space for growing families or a small business and to avoid hassle looking for planning permission that could be costly to get building on at the back of the exisitng structure. But to say it was done for nought I would doubt it.

That wasn’t what I meant but OK.

A garage is a place of retreat. The people motivated to change the waste of space garage to something more useful generally don’t use it as a place of retreat from the nagging family.

Garage conversions are a visible manifestation of the oppression and emasculation of fellow brothers across the nation.

Builders came to the conclusion years a go that most people just use the garage for storage of junk that won’t fit into the poky house that they didn’t bother increasing their size in line with modern cars, I’m sure that a morris minor would fit OK.

Pretty much on the ball.

The dont’ build houses, they build traps and you pay handsomely. Then you spend the rest of your life trying to make it a house.


That’s why my sheds are as big as my house. Next into the ‘workshop’ - a pot bellied stove and an armchair…

I’m getting the impression that you are blaming women folk for this.

When I see stuff like this, all I can think is that some Irish men really must be cowards. It’s always the women’s fault that they do stupid things. Where’s the personal responsibility in that? I’m sick to the teeth of reading “the woman put her foot down” comments about buying houses, and now, converting garages. Who the hell built the rubbish that means most modern houses don’t cater for the fact that almost everyone needs a home office to cater for computers. Oh wait. Men, wasn’t it? The house I’m living in doesn’t cater for anywhere near adequate space for me to store books or the handcrafts stuff.

Most sane and sensible men I know do the sensible. They convert the garage to a den-computer games room that has space for books, office and an armchair or too, and then they purposebuild a decent workshop in the garden that is further away from the house allowing greater distance for the yell to come and get dinner.

The others just blame de wimmen for their plight.

I know very few men who’d have any interesting hanging out in a garage, they’d want space for an Xbox + TV, a study to read/write in or any number other things not compatible with a need for “large tools” which may or may not be compensating for something else.

Any thread that has a Clash reference is redeemed. Especially one that refers to a bullshit detector in its opening line.

Since when did the requirement for a Study and a Garage become mutually exclusive?

the point he is making is now men play with computers rather than cars. It’s a gross bloody generalisation of course but most guys I know have Playstations and not MGBs that they are doing up in their spare time. They take the cars to the main dealer to get them serviced. Possibly some of them have never even seen a Haynes manual.

They didn’t produce one for the Mazda 323… Now dearly departed, the Mazda 323 that is… RIP.

Really? What’s this then? There’s a few listed here.

Not my model… :slight_smile: