Irish FOI Data-Release Proves Hospitals Were Never Under Strain In 2020


#1 can exclusively reveal that Irish hospitals were never under strain throughout 2020, based on newly released official health system hospital data arising from our freedom of information request.

The contradiction between the official data and representations that the health service has been under dangerous strain is obviously extremely important. The charts below will show you just how how busy Irish hospitals have been.

The new data directly contradicts the reporting and statements of Irish politicians, RTE and other Irish mainstream media, and the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) covid-body NPHET. These Irish establishment bodies have consistently told the public that the hospital system was at breaking point since the Covid issue surfaced. Their own HSE data completely contradicts that contention…

Coronavirus 2020

Ive seen lots of shinners on broadsheet knocking this (for obvious reasons, that site reports on them alot) but none of them have an answer to why James’s hospital sent 54 elderly covid positive people back into understaffed nursing homes, when their own stats show the hospital was at 48% capacity.

This is literally chilling, and anyone who died has at the very least a legal case


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jesus thats fantasatic. Need cases to be brought in a personal capacity against whomever ordered it. That report above is direct evidence that medical negligence occurred in James’s


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Hardly surprising as vaccines like the flu shot have no measurable effect on severity or outcome with people over 65. This has been known for decades. You need a strong immune system in the first place to have a strong vaccine response by the body. Over 55 the efficacy of the immune system starts rolling off quite markedly. Which is why old people die of the disease they do at the rate they do.

Lots of other papers like that. Did find a Dutch paper which said there was a positive effect but their mathematics was very dodgy to say the least. Initial data said no effect, after “enhancement”, said a mild effect. So a junk paper.


And yet I think Norway is still the only country to advise care in ‘vaccinating’ the elderly, while everywhere else is full steam ahead, regardless of other factors.


Yep, if you look at the “cohorts” they are experimenting on the most susceptible to injury and death and the least physically and mentally able to resist the attack that is happening right everyday.

They indeed are vulnerable alright but not in the way it is being spun - this is State Love, dignity injections and all there eat - they are vulnerable as outline by @jmc

Clever and basically evil use of words are defined here to disarm our instinct to protect the most vulnerable (children and elderly) by spinning it as helping the most vilernable in society

A quick scan of headline today and you see how the theme is expressed via the media, the deecpiotn is tipped up, 24/7:

AstraZeneca suspension means first vaccine dose for vulnerable will not be complete until April

The Irish Times 12 hours ago

The first round of Covid-19 vaccinations for thousands of vulnerable patients will not be completed until “well into April” as a result of the decision to suspend use of the AstraZeneca vaccine, it has emerged.

AstraZeneca vaccine suspension will put ‘thousands of vulnerable people at risk’, Luke O’Neill claims

Irish Daily Mirror on 1 day ago

The Government’s decision to suspend the AstraZeneca vaccine roll-out will place thousands of “vulnerable people at risk”, one of the country’s leading biochemists has warned. The National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NIAC) decided to h…

Vulnerable patients will not be vaccinated until ‘well into April’

The Irish Times 12 hours ago

The first round of Covid-19 vaccinations for thousands of vulnerable patients will not be completed until “well into April” as a result of the decision to suspend use of the AstraZeneca vaccine, it has emerged.

Analysis: Republic’s vaccine suspension major blow for vulnerable as north accelerates pace of rollout

The Irish News 14 hours ago

THE timing of the Republic’s decision to suspend the AstraZeneca vaccine could not be worse following weeks … an “abundance of caution”, the delay comes as major blow for the most vulnerable - particularly when they look to what is happen…

Look at the theme, “oh the the tragedy we are not protect the vulnerable fast enough”, absolute false dilemma.

Does anyone ever remember a time when the elderly were mass-injected like this with an experimental injection that has sides effects such a death?


More people being lined up to get on the HSE trains, all most probably less able to deal with an experimental injection prioritised because the word magic-word vulnerable is able to subvert the survival-instinct in most, where they should be able to credit a threat and deal with it by neutralising it in the face of attack.

Medically Vulnerable

Medically vulnerable people at high risk from the virus will also start getting their vaccines this week, after they were moved up the priority list.

[On *Newstalk Breakfast, Dr Henry said a lot of different conditions are included in that group.

He said: “Kidney disease, heart disease, neurological disease, respiratory disease, cancer, a whole range of conditions…

“The work is underway to identify these people… and there are many groups within it.

We know who you are. We have your records. We are coming for you.


The HSE and Provide Regimes policy is the complete and absolute opposite.


The only question now is whether the experimental vaccine kills more people that the Hep C tainted blood scandal.

Given the current VAERS numbers there will be around 100 plus immediate deaths from vaccination and the tail in these situations is usually 2x to 4x the initial morality rate. So should top about 300.

Given the track record of the HSE (and precursors) that means at least three or four tribunals (cost 100E million plus), no one gets hauled up in court (except whistle blowers), and the state plays out many hundreds of millions in compo.

So total cost of vacation fiasco could top a billion probably.

The cost of a children’s hospital in other countries. Although less than one third of the cost in Ireland when built by the HSE.


Prosecutors in Italy have launched a manslaughter investigation after a music teacher there died hours after getting the controversial AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

Sandro Tognatti, 57, got jabbed in his hometown of Biella on Saturday afternoon and went to bed that night with a high fever,

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Its Italy. So its an investigating magistrate case. And the Italian term for the investigation gets translated as “manslaughter” in English. But legally very different. Its more someone died and there maybe a human agency involved so an investigating magistrate has a look. If that is shown then the next stage would be for the investigating magistrate to present a case which is the equivalent of a involuntary manslaughter case in court.

So just a standard investigation as required by Italian law into any possible non natural causes deaths.


Looks like we’re going back to the old set news pieces but if you look carefully we find once more proof the HSE was not overwhelmed, the open secret, the HSE was not overwhelmed during the “Attack Of The Virus” is once more confirmed, but we knew this, and yet some who knew still when an got the injection, and then another, holiday and pints you see.

Figures obtained by the Irish Patients’ Association showed that in the 12 months to February 2021, attendances were down 200,000, while admissions were down by over 30,000.

Next, the horrific truth.

However, with increased public confidence in the vaccination programme, many sites around the country are now under significant pressure, with some experiencing record attendances at EDs in recent weeks.

Figures from the HSE show there were 23,792 ED attendances for the week ending July 25, up 20% on the same period last year, and up 11% when compared to the same period in 2019.

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What’s different?

Easy peasy - The increased medical emergencies are probably directly related to the genetic injection program, the fruits of which is sending people into hospital in a bad way, some may not fully recover and some will die, and it’s only the summer and none of this had to happen, except it was more important to believe lies, lies need to be believed to be true. Believe all lies. All lies matter. Lies need to be seen to be believed.


Winter 2021 / 2022 ?

Health staff dropping. Patients dropping. Who else dropping? Young healthy Adults, Teens, Children and Babies dropping dead… likes flies?

If so goto: lord-of-the-flies