Irish foreign buyers feeling pain

More anectdote from AAM. Also note the amazing niavety of someone who has gone and bought an “investment” property in a foregin country.

Ah! sure just throw the keys in the letterbox, you’ll be grand. :unamused: :unamused:

Do people really not grasp the fact that you can’t have a one way bet? If you want the capital appreciation and rental income, you have to assume the risk of capital depreciation and insufficient rental income.

Can you imagine if their little investment was going grand and the Spanish government just came along and took it away from them? they’d be up in arms, how unfair.

Yet the feel they have the right when things don’t work out to leave their investment on the doorstep of a Spanish orphanage and have someone else look after it, while they walk away without looking back.

These are the kind of people who leave puppies by the side of the road 2 months after Christmas because they can’t get it to stop pissing on their carpets and white leather sofa.


**daltonr wrote:

Well said, although most of them tend to do it less than 1 month after Christmas :wink:

Equating animal cruelty with some naivete in an investing strategy is over the top, calm it down you two…