Irish Gov Social Housing Policy 5th Nov 2018 - In a Tweet

**Leo Varadkar destroys Hard Left in blistering tweet. ** … 5078998016

Some interesting comments.

God - that is so Trump-like - somebody needs to take the twitter machine away from him after he’s had a few. … 53421.html

I had a look at the comments after that tweet, I couldn’t get them out of my head last night - it’s some of the most vitriolic stuff I’ve ever read.

After a while it clicked with me - that tweet is incredibly dangerous but it serves a narrative that the right wants us to believe - that social housing is for the indigent, immigrant poor. By casting this narrative it states that social housing is a misuse of taxpayers money, and that if you don’t watch out poor people of a different colour, nationality or ethnic group with criminal tendencies will end up living next to you. I believe that that tweet was deliberately staged to provoke the response that it did and Leo Varadkar needs to be called out on this.

The opposition to social housing is in the political dogma of both the main political parties, but FG in particular. I am in favour of social housing, I don’t have a problem with it being built by private contractors as long as we are not beingripped off or are filling the pockets of some politicians buddies. State development of housing is an imperative as the ‘free market’ has failed to provide it in the last 10 years. They’ve had long enough to fix it and they haven’t.

This is an odd tweet.

What he is opening is, essentially, social housing involving government money. Suspect it will require ongoing funding too.

And why choose an African family for the photo op? Was the deliberate?

What no one seems to have noticed is that one of the children has a very obvious disability.

This presumably impacts the social housing allocation process.

I think your giving the strategists at FG way way too much credit there! And anyways, FG aren’t ‘the right’ and have never really been.

Now we know where the Freemen scum have fetched up. :frowning:

Some ugly comments in there but why are people surprised? Ireland has a big housing crisis with big competition for accommodation. People are angry and fighting for basic shelter - it is something that can easily get ugly.

As a migrant in Australia I cringe to see that the government have ramped up immigration numbers to record highs (mainly to prop up demand for the property bubble) because it is ruining wage growth and making job seeking a very different experience to just a few years ago. Not to mention the obvious real issue with the massive cost of housing. Australians have started waking up to this in the past few months. Migrants are the ones who`ll have to face the resentment. It turns what are truly welcoming countries to a polar opposite and I cant blame them

This scenario where people are pitted against each other for scarce resources does not benefit the people already in a country including/especially incumbent migrants.

You cant save the whole world. The sheer numbers of people in most third world countries is hard to imagine.

Plenty of voters are finally making the connection between
unrestricted immigration
housing, school places, hospital lists, GP closed lists, traffic congestion, public transport full to brim, gig economy jobs…

  • You had net 20K non eu migration in the last year
  • 120K given citizenship over the last few years
  • An amnesty scheme then for illegal migrants

Previously it was shown that half on fingal waiting list weren’t even Irish citizens(but still qualify for housing). … 73856.html

Eoghan Murphy can never solve a housing crisis under these conditions. Being a sociopath like most politicians hes not too bothered I imagine.

The photo itself is amazing and shows how fucked ireland is.

The photo opportunist politicians totally oblivious to the bad optics.

The “new Irish”(who hold sudanese passports or whatever) who certainly aren’t moving in besides Pat Kenny aren’t even cracking a smile - maybe they were promised stables and didnt get them?

Only a month ago varadkar was saying "that immigrants were “more likely to be working than the average Irish person and more likely to be paying tax”. I wonder what the life time tax bill for this lot will be? Millions?

There’s a massive amount of resentment at the disproportionate numbers of “new Irish” allocated social housing, and it’s been building for some years. We’ve been fed this propaganda that migrants are self-supporting and harder-working than Irish people but it’s clearly not the case when you factor in social housing, the RAS scheme, education, healthcare, social services etc. Many Irish people do not see the point in so many people coming to live here that are economically unproductive and culturally very different - it certainly brings nothing of use to them. I think it’s very worrying, the huge disconnect between the official line that’s trotted out by politicians and media, and what people can see with their own eyes. It’s going to lead to real social unrest as it has all over Europe.

Posted this before, but this Cllr will top the poll
Further there is zero transparency or accountability in local authority housing departments

Some people coming here already own property in their own country.

And others here on housing assistance manage to save up to subsequently buy a property in their country of origin, while retaining their subsidised housing here.

Yes, it’s very open to abuse and difficult to monitor. I’ve heard countless stories I won’t bother to repeat here because I’ll get the usual “the plural of anecdote is not data” kind of responses, or be called a racist, but suffice to say it’s disruptive to the basic social contract we enter into when we pay tax and support those who need it.

No anecdotes? The forum could implode without an auld anecdote here and there. Here’s one to please the anecdote gods.

I do know such a person. Already has a house back home. They take days off* in lieu of overtime in their employment so that they aren’t paid too much such that it’d affect their benefits. His Irish wife doesn’t work and they’re on a housing waiting list too.

  • To clarify. This isn’t paid leave. It’s unpaid days off.

ok- quick devil’s advocate here- three cases to compare:

Polish guy early 30s, in the country 9 years- living in homeless accommodation due to divorce and his subsequent landlord then selling the property he had rented a room in. Has a child and therefore is on the 2 bed waiting list. Has worked all the time he is here in a 24 hour rostered role. often has to mind his child in the daytime after working the night shift and goes into work again that evening with only 2 hours sleep under his belt on those days.

Algerian man. Divorced. three kids live with the ex. living in homeless accommodation as he was self employed/casual worker in the catering industry and couldn’t make his rent payments on his one bed flat when work got a bit scarce. Goes out to work 4/5 nights a week and returns to homeless accommodation at 3;30 am on those nights, he has to share a room with an active, chaotic drug user.

Irish man. mid twenties. has three kids and separated from partner. has never had a proper job or fully supported his kids and has another girl pregnant. Refuses to engage with education or training options. Is on the two bed list but only sees his kids as and when he feels like it. supplements his €100 social welfare payment acting as a runner for a medium scale drug dealer. Is never out of bed before lunch time.

Who do you think deserves priority housing out of the three homeless people above? Should nationality/ethnicity come into it? Local authority officials are not fools.

For all we know that family in the photo have done their time on the waiting list like any other applicant

For the record the optics of the photo are bad but the twitter comments are bile inducing.

How long before people begin to associate attempted actions such as the following with twitter pictures such as that in the OP… … 58683.html

I suppose the answer to the questions in and around these issues lies in examining who it is exactly that benefits most from current policy …and why…

Which comes first, Data or Life?

What are we but mere witnesses to our own life, carry on and post what anecdotes you have encountered for the sake of the whole.

I agree the Twitter comments are horrible. But in relation to your point: housing policy used to measure your eligibility for public housing partly by your connections to the neighbourhood and general area. This was sidelined in the 70s in favour of “need”, prioritising those with the most children, risk of homelessness, disability etc - and the fallout from this was that it provided perverse incentives to get to the top of the list. When you extend this policy to the people of the entire world, it starts to be a real problem. Newly arrived immigrants are more likely to be able to declare themselves homeless,some groups have large families, all the criteria for getting to the top of the list. And this creates resentment in the local population, and anger that historic resources in the form of tax take, are being spent on outsiders. I know you talk about a Polish person or Algerian person on the housing list for nine years and having “served their time” but this is meaningless to a lot of Irish people, and just looks like gaming the system. None of us would get the slightest help with accommodation if we were to move to Poland or Algeria, where wages are much lower. The traffic is only going in one direction and there’s been no slowdown at all, quite the opposite.