Irish housing slowdown is 16pc of fall-off across Europe

During the Property Hysteria over the past five years, there were very little investments in other areas, areas that we will now be relying on to provide the country with a soft landing. The Government’s foreign profile must have being raised with all the money leaving Ireland to provide windfalls to property owners throughout Aged Europe. I guess our Ministers got their backs clapped at various EU meetings for coming to the rescue of the ailing EU.

The Europeans really pulled the wool over the eyes of the Irish Government. First they hijacked the income earning capabilities of our young people by buying their mortgages. The builder’s profits were then reinvested throughout Europe. Now that Ireland’s Property Boom is over, we will find that no one has the dosh to invest in ailing industry at home. Income Tax can’t be raised, because income is going to pay back the Europeans for their investments in our mortgages.

Again, I refer to it. What the hell were all the well paid Doctors and Masters of Business degree holders doing who are employed right throughout the government and Civil Service? Or was it a case that our Government did not listen to them?