Irish January-February Budget Deficit Widened to EU2.41 Bn

€4.74bn is only €60m below ‘trend’ which is very good news around here. This is probably the bext exchequer return in 2 years bar NONE!

Do you have a link the “trend”, as I cant find it anywhere.

€60m behind, in Feb I’d take, but March will be a big month as VAT will returned for Jan/Feb, should the March figures be shyte, well game set and match…

Multi year trend from 17 December 2009 … %20SPU.pdf

Tax revenue for 2010 is expected to be 31,050

Monthly trend showing how the 31,050 should break down by month … of2010.pdf

Of the 31,050 some 4,800 should have come in by now, it was actually 4,736

Rest of the year

March Target 7,502 ( €2.7bn income projected in March)
A9,012 (€1.51bn in April)

Thank you for the link, I’ll stick them into “the hopper”… again thks.

the govt takes in Eur 2.5 bn or so a month. keep that in mind when they have to funnel Eur3bn to one of the banks.