Irish jobs market outlook

According to the quarterly Manpower Employment Outlook Survey, despite some slight improvement, Ireland has the third weakest jobs market outlook of the 36 countries surveyed.

Blue Horseshoe

A good article by finfacts on politcal spin, jobs and the IDA: … 9210.shtml

Scary stuff … There is no plan to create jobs in this country. Emigration is all I can see.

The greatest delusion of all is that of a “return” to jobs growth. This is a misnomer of course because the only kind of jobs that can “return” are bubble jobs. No, there will be no “return” to anything. There will either be an entire re-creation of the Irish economy or there will be 18% unemployment in perpetuity.

The jobs market has picked up a bit (I monitor job stats) but it’s still in awful shape.

Which sectors have you seen pick up out of interest?

Manufacturing, IT, and various services (such as training companies, wedding industry, etc.).

Manufacturing surprised me, but I suppose if they are export focussed that could explain it.

Eurostat has put out its latest national accounts estimates.

According to Brussels, Ireland is losing jobs at the third highest rate of the 27 EU nations, ahead of Lithuania but behind Estonia and Latvia. … -countries

The Eurostat press release (in PDF form) is here … -AP-EN.PDF

Blue Horseshoe

Maybe we’re looking at different skills/areas but IT seems completely dead right now. Looking at Java roles in Dublin there are only a handful of companies hiring right now.

You have it Larry. We are where we are, not just because of a common garden recession i.e. a cyclical downturn but because over a decade our economy was turned into a gambling casino. We are a country that is a basket case, bankrupt in all but name.

Our banks are unable to function to what they were established for, instead of oiling the cogs of trade, our bankers are now actually undermining businesses and driving them to the wall. The knock on effect is to depress taxation. to this add the cuts in expensiture by the Gov and increased taxation on incomes which is further depressing the economy.

The real effects of the fallout out of our bankrupt situation will be much harsher than is presently realised. The cumulative effect of the billions the Gov intend to take out of the economy over the next few years will squeeze many more businesses to death.

Add to the above the cost of servcing the national debt, even without an inevitable increase in interests rates, then we must justifably fear for the future. We are so far down under that we might not reach day light until 2015 or there abouts and it will be quite some time after that before we see real employment gains in the economy, an economy that will be unrecognizable to anything that went before.

However, in light of how the social partners were fit to abuse the economy in the good times, one cannot hold out much hope in them doing what is required to save us now.

But I hope you are not found to be correct in you final comment ‘Larry’

Java is big in the financial sector, other areas seem to be doing a bit better.

Anecdotally, I’ve had a couple of cold calls from recruiters since the start of the year, I’m in C++/Unix.