Irish Journalists Are Crap-Official … ing56.html

Few problems with research, understanding and chronic serial copy and pasting of press releases too and we won’t mention Plagiarism and the Sunday Independent this time. :nin

Ah where to start?

This is the peak time for CAO form change-of-minds. Stick a few controversial quotes on a press release and bingo, some free national media coverage for one of your high-profile courses. Never mind the fact that you’re insulting your current students. Or that most high-profile journos would recommend getting an undergrad degree in something else first, so you have some subject knowledge to build your journalism skills on…

Anyhow, what makes a journalist a journalist? What is a journalist only an active citizen who makes enquires and informs others?

Take out your phone and record videos & photos of the events around you. Make notes, ask questions, research online, analyse & edit. Collaborate and share your work with others for free on the web.

We are all journalists now.

(Just don’t expect to earn a living from it)

FFS this shit is endemic. At this stage if someone writes a paragraph without a mistake they get catapulted into the first-class bracket.

well brendan keenan must get first prize for mastering copy and pasting shite

I think this implies that Secondary (and Primary) English teachers are Crap too?

It implies that kids won’t fucking learn how to use an apostrophe.

In that case, it would apply that most pin users are crap too.


I would have thought the emphasis should be on the quality of content of their current peer reports rather than becoming a word smith and writing property porn

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At the top of this thread I’m getting a banner ad for “Instant grammer checker” :laughing: