Irish Life & Permanent - Denis 'the mouth' Casey

There has to be value in those shares now. The insurance arm must be worth more on its own.

The EEV at Dec 07 was about €7.5 per share.

How long before it gets taken over and split up?

Ahh, but first ask yourself this, “What has the insurance arm invested in? Equities? If so what sectors? Property? If so where?”

That info, or some of it at least, should be accessible via their site. Or you can play with their fund grapher

I like the “Disclaimer” on their fund tracker …

So don’t be expecting any of that good stuff in the short term!

Now, how much is it worth?

Blue Horseshoe

The EEV would deinitely have been effected by property/equity values but not that much. According to the 2007 accounts a 10% fall in asset values would decrease EEV by €57m or around €0.20 per share.