Irish living abroad can I buy & get a mortgage in Ireland?

Done a bit of googling on this and haven’t been able to find an answer - AIB says if your applying from abroad you need to provide a foreign credit check.

BUT if I’m Irish and have an Irish bank account - full-time job abroad (Canada) Can I apply for a mortgage through AIB and buy a house from here?

Looking at houses that I would have 40% deposit to buy.

Any insight or knowledge on this would be greatly appreciated


If they say they want a credit check then I think you will need to provide one. Your nationality is not as relevant as the fact that you are living abroad and could in theory be up to your eyes in debt for all they know.
I looked into the same thing a few years ago, in my initial conversation with AIB they were only looking for a tax return from the country I was living in. I didn’t go through with it but I don’t recall a credit check being mentioned. Still, that was “the good old days” so this may be a new requirement.

So, long story short, I think the answer is yes, but you will have to be prepared to jump through the hoops.

Ok thanks for your info we have no problem jumping through hoops we did it living and working in Ireland in order to get the approval!

Might get into them so and see what I need…

my two cents is to hold fire… buy when you are living in the country as things may change in your personal cirumstances that may result in you not getting home when you plan…

I looked into this quite a few years ago (at the end of the boom). AIB said that I could get mortgage as long as I had a 20% deposit (if I remember correctly). I was essentially being treated as a Buy to Let buyer.

As to the foreign credit check. AIB are looking for them now. Don’t know if it’s a problem for you but as someone who lived in UK for a while it wasn’t a problem for me. Just got one for £2 through Experian. AIB accepted it. Different country I know.

I live abroad and have been approved for a mortgage by both AIB and B of I. AIB have asked me for a credit check but I haven’t done this yet so I don’t know what it entails in terms of time or cost. Has anyone jumped through this hoop?

So you provide the credit check?

That is funny. I would just run a few checks and see which one was best. Running a bunch at once counts as one ding not a bunch of dings…