Irish Moral Hazard Organisation (IMHO)


AIB is FG’s plaything right now. No matter what Mgmt think, they’re following orders here.


As It’s set up I think the mortgage to rent scheme is pretty sensible.

The issue is that previous iterations had very low take up, in part because so few ppl in arrears met the criteria.

That is still likely to be the case. Especially with a quarter of a million jobs created in the last 5 years, interest rates falling and house prices up 50%.


I had a listen to Hall on Sean Orourke.

He reckons that a max of 7.5k mortgages across all lenders would be eligible.

That, dear readers, is not even a quarter of PPRs in arrears of two years or more.

So what exactly is going on in the remainder?


They’re being sold off to Vulture funds as per today’s post in the Strategic Defulaters thread based on this IT story? … -1.3236069


‘Home Loan Hero’ David Hall Declares His Intent For The Presidency… … 41295.html

He won’t run next year if Higgins goes again. But if Higgins declares himself out, then Hall will have to give a lot of thought to running.


Just on Ray Darcy explaining why he would make a great President. :sick:


The free state will be 100 under the next presidency. And this is a serious option here for our first citizen to represent us. That is the mark of a failed entity as CJ Haughey would say.


Don’t see it myself. Nobody votes for a president to get things done. At most people want virtue-signalling from a president.

Micky D has pushed the role right to the limit but he’s allowed to get away with it because he’s so physically ridiculous.


Anybody can declare a candidacy, that doesn’t make the country a “failed entity”.

Does Donald Trump as President make the US a “failed entity”?


Hall in the Aras? Puke.

Maybe Casino Hall, as president, would revive Bertie’s plan for a gambling resort in the Phoenix Park


Hall now wants the Banks to speed up repossessions because of deadbeat Dads! … 55197.html

I smell a scam


But if anyone is in arrears, its because they can’t afford to pay. 100% of the time.


Really? 10 years? Really?

This thread dates back to the year 2015. :neutral_face:


Yep, Hall is a serious contender now


From last week’s Sunday Times:

*The chief executive of a charity that helps homeowners in arrears has said he accepts that a statement on its website may have misled the public into thinking it did not make payments to board members.

The most recent set of published accounts for the Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation (IMHO) shows that David Hall and three directors — Tracy Mullan, Constantin Gurdgiev and Lucy Cronin — received €96,500 between them in 2015.

The IMHO website stated that in 2015 none of its directors “receive any fees, salary or remuneration for their work from the organisation”. When The Sunday Times revealed in 2015 that five directors had each been paid €5,000 the previous year, the “no payment” claim was removed.*

Story behind paywall.


Any consequences for that misleading claim?

I was half-listening to Marian Finucane/Brendan O’Connor yesterday and there was mention of David Hall talking to AIB about setting up a ‘good vulture fund’ to buy up loans. Anyone head details or read anything about it?


Nearly 25 years since the arrears started…surely this is a world record

Repossession of widow’s home halted after protest threat by leading campaigner
Deal agreed with housing body to prevent widow and children becoming homeless … 98013.html


Is it racketeering if it’s legal?


This Cabra case is up next on Newstalk, Ivan Yates show

edit- Hall is going to protest outside any house with a repossession order where he feels alternative solutions could be found to keep the family in the house


Well Yates would know a thing or two about pulling a stroke like this.