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While there’s plenty of brainless ideology in the irish media in general, the reality is that many in the media are and (will increasingly be, if Hall gets his way) personally paying for this mess - there is no magic money tree, every euro spent on this, and it will need billions, will be taken from somewhere else.

Recent buyer - you’re paying more, through high SVR rates. Renter - you paying more while other live in free property. Taxpayer - you’ve already paid to rescue the banks and you’ll be paying even more if this goes ahead.

And there are dozens of media friendly ‘worthy causes’ that the government could spend money on which will need to be sacrificed to pay for this - how many crap hopitals, schools etc. must be tolerated so people who can’t be bothered to pay even a cent over 2+ years for their accommodation (and they still expect to own it, never mind merely live it in).


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There has been a lot of comment here on IMHO proposed corrsepondence to Taoiseach and Minister of Finance.
It is stated the emotive language should be removed and thus it will have more gravitas.

The politicans might read the letter, they mght not.
It may be filtered by one of their handlers or advisors who will read it.
And the probable summation from one of these advisors is that some in the middle classes are annoyed.
Baiscally “Some guys on the internet, who are particularly focused on property discussion, don’t think their latest scheme to placate all the poor souls in mortgage difficulty is a good idea”.

Talking nicely in measured tones to these guys gets you shag all.
There needs to be a big stick and they need to know that you will hurt them at the ballot box.

Threatening their votes and threatening withholding funds is what scares them as has been shown by the water protests.
Organising mass protests scares them because it is a tangible visible manifestation of people being angry enough to get up off their asses.
I don’t know if a mass protest could be organised, because the question is who would organise it.
None of the political parties want to be seen to be pro repossession or anti home ownership.

BTW I still commend IMHO for what they are doing.
They are doing something to fight the status quo that exists in Irish media.
And I have signed the petition because I think it highlights how I feel about debt forgiveness, but sadly I am not holding my breath that they take it seriously enough to halt the madness.


Looks like all those tweets @ Newstalk paid off IMHO, Look who today’s signee (no 454) is :slight_smile:


Surprisingly, the K is as close as it gets to Kenny!


Government making their policy on mortgage arrears announcement tomorrow as part of Spring statement and no meaningful discussion in weekend papers.

I guess Siteserv knocked the issue down the pecking order, but its frustrating as we gave a couple of lengthy interviews last week.


Who with?


The FT on the general issue and interviewed our superstar spokesperson about their individual circumstances and views - prudent renter trying to buy.

Sindo on David Hall’s state subsidies for equity proposal and our response.


Superstar spokesperson aka Sandra from a recent Joe Duffy show…well played


Irish mortgage arrears backlash gains momentum - via @FT


@Sandra, Well done!


excellent !



FT looking for registration can one of the enlightened ones please post the content of the article.



Well done Sandra :smiley:

Somewhat unfortunate characterization by the journalist of the leafy suburb/latte sipping middle classes. The strongest statement in the whole piece IMO is the one about how Sandra is in greater danger of eviction than a delinquent mortgage holder.


Great quote from a poster - “Well said Sandra. The Irish property market is like a casino - the Casino Hall always wins” :laughing:


Well done


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Great work all.


Excellent work Sandra, great to see it out there, well done to all involved.