Irish Moral Hazard Organisation (IMHO)


Well done Sandra, I have left a supportive comment under the article. Why doesn’t everyone else do the same? If you register you can download a number of articles a month free from the FT.


I already left one via free registration, only takes a minute - this is what we’ve all been hoping for so definitely should get behind it :smiley:


And ’ recommend"!


Take the FT headline and put it into Google. Then click on the article returned in the Google results:

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Big thanks to Sandra for agreeing to be interviewed!


Well done to Sandra. If you start coming under any flak, just remember that there are many thousands out there who support you, and not just Pin types. The new IMHO is definitely gathering word of mouth support. :smiley:


Good stuff. Well done.


Might as well head over to reddit/ireland to upvote it as well folks. (which one of ye is u/bluest_steel?)


Was about to post the exact same thing.

And very well done to the Irish Moral Hazard Organisation.


Good work. It’s not easy getting coverage. Now you’re at least a balancing go to for the media who need to fill airtime.

Might I just note for the records. Once again a “renter” steps up to the plate and runs to your collective (mental and financial) rescue. :angry: Double well done from OW! 8DD

I do thinking renting in Ireland being of the calibre that it is sharpens the mind to many home truths and inoculates you against much of the hot air bullshitters who have and continue to stalk the airwaves and halls of government.


Print edition (Page 6 - IRL edition)


Hear, hear!

I would be caution how the vulnerability of the renter to eviction is phrased. “Two months missed and I’m out” is liable to retort. We all know that the PRTB complaints and eviction process is not fit for purpose and an unscrupulous tentant who stops paying rent can also get a ‘free ride’ for many months, albeit nothing like the timescale that has been afforded to some defaulters. Of course, you can make the point that those of us who believe in paying our way will comply with the inevitable Notice to Vacate before it ever goes to the legal process.

P.S. Who let a McDonald’s into Mount Merrion?! :open_mouth:


Ha! That’s what I was thinking. I thought I had all the McDonald’s on the southside sussed out. I wonder was it the Stillorgan one?


… and Temple Bar.

I’d say if things where normal, the time a tenant and mortgage holder might expect to hang on in such a scenario would be roughly the same as you have outlined. The ratio as it stands is certainly not 1:1.

I seem to remember the law was changed fairly sharpish to make it easier to get problem tenants out. Amazing bias and INEQUALITY that seemed to tax not the Government of the day. Funny thing that.

Also some LL’s can take it very personally when you don’t pay the rent. The Banks don’t. You can be sure there are times when a tenant has felt somewhat threatened to pay. I’d say the slumlords had their means. The rest is up to your own state of psychological disposition to brazeness or not.

So to get back on topic tenants defending mortgage payers? What next in the new normal? :smiley:


Unfortunately Noonan didn’t announce his measures today so there is nothing to react to. He has fudged it for another couple of weeks. … mr-michael


“or you live in social housing” apparently the social housing waiting list length in parts of Dublin is 17 years…i.e. it’s not a real option.


Similar to Alan Kelly meeting Landlord representative groups, but not Tenants… … 5-Mar2015/

“They met with the minister last week and suggested a number of alternatives including allowing bedsits to re-open with designated bathrooms for each unit, not necessarily within the unit. New regulations in 2013 effectively banned shared bathrooms and landlord-controlled heating on rented properties, signalling the death of the bedsit as a concept.
Other options the IPOA suggested were:”


A bit late however have signed the letter.

Keep up the good fight!


@IMHO - A slight typo at the very end of the piece on Gorse Hill. The second last paragraph reads “Well your problems are not are fault.” I presume you intended to say “Well your problems are not our fault.”


Thanks, fixed!