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OK. author of piece, not subject of piece.


Housing Agency: Releases figures for scheme which by its very nature excludes most Dublin Properties.

Journo: It’s a long weekend. How can I do a really quick & socially responsible peace? Should I look at the scheme and why it has failed to work? Or should I call David Hall?

5 mins on internet. Gosh golly, there’s a flash sale on organic hemp vegan granola with 5% going to sustainable rain forests. Little Zara will just love that!

Journo: Hi David, do you any comments on mortgage to rent scheme?

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Article published.


Not her fault the people hoping to get bumped up the housing list lied about living in a car.


Yes it is !
The whole point about journalism is to check the story.


There was no retraction so it must be true…

One is left wondering about the reporting of the deaths at Galway hospital.


Hall was on Newstalk at 7.50 this morning. He mustn’t have had breakfast or brunch in him yet 'cos he was quiet animated and angry. Missed the intro so wasn’t sure of the main topic but perhaps it was an upcoming large number of repossessions cases.
He was in full hyperbolic mode…tens of thousands of repossessions coming, paying a little bit every month is worthless despite what other commentators say, people not showing up in court cos they know it’s an execution, showing up in court anyways will not delay the ‘eviction’ (as he called it) despite what other commentators also say, Banks have publicly said they’re going to carry out thousands of repossessions.

He’s worse than any bogey man


He was on last week too. He’s pissed off because the Government are bringing in a third party to help deal with arrears. Short of it is, they (the IMHO) will be losing out on business. Can’t remember the name of the new crowd.




This reminded me of another story anout IMHO/Hall in the SBP a couple of weeks ago that I don’t think got mentioned here. Apparently New Beginning and Ross Maguire have had enough of Mr. Hall’s Twitter rantings and sent legal letters to both Hall as an individual and IMHO as the organisation he represents threatening to sue them both if Hall doesn’t stop libelling them on a regular basis on Twitter. IMHO responded that it was nothing to do with them as they have a separate Twitter account and anything Hall posts is in a personal capacity.


Every 2nd sentence he says when on radio references www
What a muppet


Every media appearance is a chance to shill.
“Better Call Hall”

#412 … -1.2467502


The general silence around the 12 month reduction in bankruptcy and the general acceptance of btl landlords not bring held to account for their ‘investment decisions’ is a great victory for rte and particularly newstalks ‘where’s my bailout’ news story management. It’s only the odd letter to the irish times that speaks for the silent majority at this point.


I don’t see any issue with the 12 month discharge provided there’s full cooperation and disclosure of assets.

What will be interesting to see is how the reported increased bankruptcy terms are applied in instances of noncooperation or concealment of assets and the how inevitable legal challenges to these increased terms play out.


Maybe in the case where the debt is truly insurmountable but often that’s not the case. People extend money to others in good faith, expecting that the recipient is capable of work and will do so to pay back the loan. Recipient then turns around and says “nah, I’ll sit on my arse for a year” (or go on the piss Ivan Yates style)- many reasonable people object to this … -1.2450730


I too have no problem with a 12 MTB bankruptcy period as long as all assets are declered and you loose those assets as part of the process.

The problem I have is if all assets are not declared or the law is so full of holes they can be transferred out of your ballence sheet as soon as things aren’t going your way and are put beyond the reach of creditors only to reappear after the 12 Mth period has expired. PPR’s or “Family Homes” should be included.

If you request the protection from creditors and the clean slate that bankruptcy offeres that’s ok but you have to play by the rules there should be tough sentences and jail time for hiding assets which essentially is an abuse of the process. That’s why Drumm is in jail but can you see the same happening in Ireland?

As that US judge said bankruptcy should feel like “getting naked in public”


not so long ago people were “shopping” for jurisdictions in which to go bankrupt. Do you go to England, Northern Ireland, Wales, etc…
Now the favoured jurisdiction will probably be Ireland as the legal system in Ireland seems to be geared to suit those who are most brazen.

Maybe they have created a brand new bankruptcy business and Ireland will see a roaring trade.


I stopped believing in coincidences a long time ago.


Disclosuure; someone close to me is waiting to go in to a personal insolvency/bankruptcy type agreement.


And just as the receivership gravy train is winding down…