Irish mortgage lending falling off a cliff....


Passenger lists!
All airlines have to submit the passenger lists to the government, not sure which agency.
So I would imagine that’s where they get the stats from.


I have two passports and I normally leave Australia on my Aussie one, arrive to Europe on my Irish one and leave Ireland on my Aussie one. The airline will never see my EU passport but customs will. How do they manage that?

If I’m arriving on a flight from the UK do you even need a passport for that?

And how are they going to get meaningful arrival/departure statistics from airline passenger lists. I might be an Irish person with a postal address in Germany arriving on a flight from London showing a UK drivers licence when I check in at Heathrow.

What does that mean on a passenger list. Am I German based on my postal address, British based on my drivers licence or Irish based on my passport?

Not to mention - How long do I intend staying? What is the purpose of my trip? Am I a tourist or here to visit family or conduct business?


Won’t do much for the immigrants who come through Belfast and on down through Newry

#324 … .sflb.ashx

Big quarter - €750m. The bottom is sooooo 2011.


Yeah massive quarter. 7% of the drawdowns in Q3 2006. The boom is back for sure.

Lending down by 12% YTD from 2011.


Full report here: … .sflb.ashx

Q4 is the one to watch. I don’t see how it is possible to match last year.


You make that sound like a bad thing.


It is.


Away today. Will do my usual analysis of the figures tomorrow


Figures for drawdowns - first 3 Quarters:

2010 - €3,764M
2011 - €1,824M
2012 - €1,637M
2013 - €1,599M


How the hell was 2010 that high ?
The sh*t had well and truly hit the fan by then.


Went and did the 1st 3Qs from the other years from the IBF figures…

2005 - €23,773M
2006 - €29,529M
2007 - €25,526M
2008 - €19,510M
2009 - €6,316M

So 2010 was 50% less than 2009, which was 70% less than 2008.

I guess everyone assumed that that was as bad as it would get…



Well, it doesn’t look like a credit bubble… on the other hand I’m an economist…


If you look at the PPR, all the SCD bubble prices are being driven by €1M+ sales - which are disproportionately influencing the trend (and thanks to the CSO not counting cash sales, even more so!) due to low volumes in all the sub €1M ranges.

But fuck that negativity… WE’RE BACK BABY!


Yeah, baby, yeah! Ride that Tiger!


It’s a boom don’t you know. :unamused:


And yet… … -1.1591157


Nice typo


This is a regurgitation of a MyHome press release… who of course are owned by the Irish Times. The article does not disclose the connection. Much the the Journal didn’t disclose its connection to Daft.