Irish Pensions Property Funds Market Analysis & Outlook

I thought this made for interesting reading. More evidence Brian Lenihan, Brian Cowen and the FF/Green Govt are lying to the populace in their NAMA spin re commercial property outlook in Ireland.

I dont recommend reading of this for any ‘Monster Raving Loony’ Green party memebers, theres all sorts of analysis, forecasting and figures in here, dont bother yourselves with that, it might hurt your heads, you can just continue knitting jumpers for rabbits.

Taken from the Irish Life Investment Managers - Irish Property Fund
2009 YTD -14.6%
1 Year -42.8%


Any takers for a Glass bottling site .
Maybe someone else can look up the other Irish pension funds Irish porperty funds fact sheets.

Knowing and having read trheir literature in the past then the outlook is dire if they admit to this being or expected to be market performance over the next 6 months+. :open_mouth:

They are wrong. As are the nobel laureates. and the domestic economists. If they were right sure NAMA would be a scam of gigantic proportions…