Irish People's Union - Sucesses

We should all get behind this organisation, the Irish Peoples Union are getting results.

Is the IPU going to take credit for everything? :angry:

No bank has raised interest rates? WTF?

I didn’t sign up to that.

If Irish banks are forced to keep interest rates down then all the saving of the banks is for nothing cause they’ll be bust very soon anyway or does this person think the tax payer should pay their taxes directly to the banks to ensure the fools who bought property during the boom are bailed out.

F*** the Irish peoples union.

No,I won’t be getting behind this organisation that was primarily set up as a response to interest rate hikes. I also have a problem if I have to pay,through my taxes to “ease the pain” for any of these mortgage holders.
By the way the IPU are taking credit for a quite a lot there.Not sure they can claim any of that “success” is down to them.
Interest rates can go up as well as down and don’t borrow 10 times your fucking income to “get on the fucking ladder”! I didn’t! :imp:

Hmm, I think that the original author should do a bit of research on correlation versus causation.

Well they’ve already succeeded in making sure the people only use one paragraph.

Lack of whitespace doesn’t help with demented ramblings.

Well that’s the way world rolls these days, American Presidents get international peace prizes for what they said they would do before anything is actually done.
IPU may as well claim to have suspended climate change before someone else beats them to it!

Still boiling angry :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

“Everything good that happened since we formed is thanks to us”.

Do do they sell rocks to keep tigers away too?

I was going to use that little gem to illustrate the lack of logic in the original post. But I think everyone knows what we mean. :wink:

I get the meaning but what’s the origin? :blush:

IPU _ The Little Darlings

The Simpsons.

I caused the Dow to lose 1.5% this afternoon. I just wrinkled my nose and it happened. (The TV changed channel too…).

My mutt farted on his daily walk the other day and a global warming bulletin was issued by Ralph Nader

In early 2007 I sold my house, banked the money and started renting, since then the property market has been going “correcting”

50,000 say IPU rules but forgot to turn up for the march.