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Jesus, is 17.5% unemployment now a consensus view? Man oh man that is so fkn terrible. Right back to the very darkest days of the 80’s. The Goodbody chap then continues:

That sounds about right to me, however I don’t think what we’ll be returning to in those 18 years is “pre-recession levels”…I think it’ll take those 18 years just to return to a healthy, functioning, normal European economy, not a spectacular Tiger one.

Overall, I believe this talk of recovery in Ireland in 2011 to be total bollox because we need to totally re-invent and re-build our entire economy because we have no firgging economy!!! That will not get fixed in 3 years, or even 10 IMO. 18, yeah, maybe.

From Gene Kerrigan’s latest offering: … 64799.html

Im not sure yet that people in Ireland have got their heads around this yet. This problem of ours is not going away any time soon and each one of us will have a friend or family member who will have to leave the country because of it. Unemployment rises in a lift and comes down on an escalator.

A lot of it has to do with the level of global inflation in the decade following the global crisis.

If the world reflates this could still be a tolerable country to be in in 7 years time. If not, well goodnight.

Well worth the price if, in the process, people learn that property prices never go down… :imp: :imp: :imp:

What in gods name are you talking about?

Prices are down here across the board. If you bought in the last 5 years you are probably underwater.