Irish Regime told to target your Children



Just ya know, a child having a heart attack, day after a sinopharm injection according to the link:


Does this apply to EU/Irl?


That’s crazy. I think there are many, particularly at the higher levels, in the Pharma industry who are a bit soulless. It’s disturbing to think that they would be doing this but I don’t doubt it at all.


On the Friday of the week the Occupying Pharma Regime started injecting “high risk” children and their siblings, with the live abort shot, the emergency services is called for an incident with a child of approx 5 years old, it turns out needs a defibrillator, (perhaps his heart has stopped), it takes but all of 96 minutes to appear as a new story on Christmas Eve as a firemen-rescue-cat-from-tree type good news story.


They do a grand job


Nothing else matters, all media and stories are a distraction - If they succeed in mass injections genetically raping the children.

It will be time to look for a new country or a new reality, another dimension/s, something else, something or other or :thinking: ???

The clock is ticking.

Only days left, though the line has already been crossed the majority of the occupational forces are only assembling on the thin broken red line.


Picked up some conversations on the playground. Early teenagers asking themselves about the vaccination “status”, adults admiring their boo$ter$.

We reached the moment when these levels of conciousness are separated forever and we won’t be able to live together anymore.


Mass hypnosis. Helios.

One year after installing some malfunction put the Grenfell Tower on fire.

Edit: BBC 322 223 skulls and bones courtyard.
Edit: Helios: halízein; collecting men when he rises.

They like playing games.



50,000 Irish Children ready to be trafficked by Pharma Regime

The HSE has since opened registration to all children aged 5-11, with approximately 50,300 children in this cohort registered for a vaccine as of Tuesday morning, and said it expects to begin vaccination of those outside of priority groups later this week.


…but 800 years, the Catholic Church, The Nuns…Tuam! 800 Babies!!!


Mum knows best…

A mum from Kent drove her nine-year-old daughter 13 hours to Italy to get the Covid vaccine.

Under-12s can only get the Covid jab in the UK if they are classed as clinically vunerable. More guidance is expected to follow.

Mother Alice Columbo told the BBC she made the journey with her daughter, who has Italian citzenship, from Maidstone to Milan to protect the “most precious thing in the world” and she wasn’t taking any chances with the virus.

“I’d rather risk a vaccine we know a fair amount about than take pot luck with a virus about which we know very little.” She told the broadcaster.


It’s not the children filling out the registration.



The virus has been around longer than the vaccines have…


And the babies

“Pfizer Inc expects the latest results from a clinical trial for kids under the age of five of the Covid-19 vaccine it developed with Germany’s BioNTech SE by April, a top company scientist has said according to Reuters.”



Killing babies.

World Gov’s + Corp’s collapse incoming.



Over the next couple of weeks we should be reading the first few Irish “my 10 year old son got mild myocarditis but it was worth it” posts on social media. In unrelated news, the government just announced that all ministers are to receive 24 hour armed protection…


Who’s going to have to pay for all that……


The Menace is protecting it’s investment. That’s all.