Irish Regime told to target your Children



Current UK guidelines, Ireland offers it also of course.


’No Jab, No Play’ is the name of legislation that requires all children to be fully vaccinated unless they have a medical exemption to be enrolled in childcare or kindergarten in Victoria.Australia.


My mind still genuinely can’t get around the fact that everyone wants this injection not only for themselves, but their children too… when they are barely year old, with no medium or long term safety data. None. For gene / RNA based vaccines.

Madness of crowds. Pushed by fear and propaganda.


Maybe they look at the number of cases in intensive care that are rising

Maybe they look at the profile of patients who are getting younger

Maybe they think that it’s better not to be a patient in intensive care so maybe it’s better to be vaccinated.


What are the risks of taking the vaccine vs. Not taking it for an under 18?


Maybe they haven’t read the literature that calculates an IFR of 0.15% for COVID overall, and know that the main risk factors are age, BMI, vitamin D deficiency and co-morbidities.

Maybe they don’t realise that the pregnancy studies are only starting now.

Maybe they haven’t looked at what the actual risk is for someone of their age.

This would be mine, I still take quercetin, C, D, zinc, etc. but I do not intend to get any of the novel gene-therapy based vaccines that have no medium or long-term safety data available, have no manufacturers liability and are still not fully licensed or authorised.


I understand the risk of death from covid19 for a child under 18 is 1 in 2 million. The risk from clotting from Jannsen is 1 in 10,000

Which ticket would you buy for your child.

And this is without following the treatment protocols.


I am not having a go at you Grassy. We are scared for our kids. The data is out and the top medics are calling it out. But governments are trying to coerce people to inject their kids. Why?

Have a think about this. Happy to engage with you.


Rapid response in the BMJ - highlighting historical risks involved in childhood vaccinations, and pointing out that these are unknown in a new medication, with limited studies.

Archived link:


Given that we are so lucky that SARS-CoV2 very rarely cause severe disease in children, the safest and cheapest way forward seems to be to tame SARS-CoV2 to a common childhood disease like other HCoV. This would happen by allowing SARS-CoV2 to infect children, who thereby likely become protected against severe disease well into late adulthood.

This the key quote. HCOV infections are probably most common childhood infection after rhinoviruses. During the school year anywhere up to 10% of all children of primary school age have an active HCOV infection at any given time. This infections are a critical part of training children’s immune system response. The reason why children have a zero SARs CoV2 infection rate is precisely because of this HCOV infection onslaught.

Even suggesting the vaccination of children for any HCOV is so far removed from responsible medical science that anyone suggesting it should immediately be prosecuted for encouraging the abuse of children and would very much fall under the definition under international law of Crimes Against Humanity.

Pure mass hysteria, nothing else.


Yes, but the madness of crowds still continues here.

Btw - I saw a tweet saying the latest cdc dataset suggests that 190,000 kids <12 in the US have been jabbed? It’s not licensed for them yet.


Does not surprise me. There is a whole cohort of affluent middle class urban dwellers, typical Gentry Democrats, who have bough into the whole narrative. Very easy to spot as they are the ones still wearing masks even though the mask mandate has ended. So vaccination to them is as much a class marker of their innate superiority over the rest of us as a very conspicuous wearing of masks.

Given that almost all of their kids will grow up into as obnoxious pricks as their parent, I say, vaccinate the lot of them. With the mRNA vaccines.


Anecdotally some kids of Pfizer employees, or hospital staff have been jabbed here in Ireland.


So the march continues. Claire Byrne exploited a vulnerable woman on RTE to pressure parents into vaccinating their children. This is a sick meme. It is absolutely clear now that “vaccinating” is useless against Covid spread. That vulnerable ladies child still has the same risk regardless of whether your kids are vaccinated. But if they do vaccinate 100’s if not thousands of kids will suffer serious life long adverse effects.

Another meme is that the non vaxx face consequences. This is an invention. There were never consequences before. Next there will be fines. Then loss of job. Then detention. The language is clear. The people behind this are evil. Pure evil. Watch how this extends outside the non vaxx group for other reasons. I’d say having the wrong opinions will be the next crime.


Getting Qs from family re kids. As stuff is all over the place here in many threads, anybody care to share details on trials on kids over 12? Tks


Q’s like “…is it infiltration instead of invasion?”, those kind of Q’s? :ninja: ja

Do you remember how all this started? Think. How did they scare the nation, how did they terrify the people? What happened? Who was the first reported case? Can anyone remember the first reported case at this point? Does it matter?

So here we go, everyday now, if you know the formula you will know how to read. Target: [CHILDREN]

Latest from the Daily Gaslight:

Funnel Web

Covid vaccine will not be mandatory for school children, Donnelly says

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly has said there was “absolutely no suggestion” that unvaccinated children could not return to school.

Said the spider…


One very small clinical Phase I trial started in March for Pfizer. Very small non-random non representative study group. Less than 400 in key test group. They claim they will have first “results” in September. FYI Pediatric Clinical Trials are always multi year, at least 2 to 3, given just how different kids physiology is from adults.

I’ll see if I can dig up the FDA page on the trial. Its not very impressive. Basically looks like it is only done for future defense against liability lawsuits. Designed by lawyers. They would need a far larger random study group for clinically significant results.


Thanks JMC


So I don’t agree with vaccinating children, or a lot of other groups, so these references would reflect that:

NEJM – initial report on trial data

BMJ various opinions pieces etc.

Pieces by various independent physician groups:


Thanks Diana