Irish Regime told to target your Children



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Yea, but you do not need “science” too tell you the answer, it is not 2019 or any year before that.

Do you understand what that means?
What was the first case that terrified and spooked the nation?
Who was it?
Where was it?
What happened?
How did it affect the people involved?

This is a test, a final test, if a society will not standup and protect it’s children from monsters then that society ends that day. It no longer exists. It is a slave population on it’s way out.

Information WAR.

Yes the majority were not prepared for this, but some are.

The genetic supplies are already pre-bought. The next few weeks will be gaslighting supreme parents not accepting mandatory or virtually that. If you have not learned the manufacturing techniques and you still think it’s like some “consumer” choice, like we’re out for medical-pizza, best of luck then, you’re anybodies fool.

Dark dark dark black black spell unrelenting 24/7 never seen the ferocity before, but have seen it many times before, too many times, so many times, in so many ways, sometimes it is seen before it is seen - divide the world, conquer the world.

Clock is ticking.

Stand up for the children.

Only cowards pick off the weak and vulnerable.

Germans Vs The Menace

Oh I think it’s lunacy OW injecting children, period. I read in the poxy IT today that Valneva more or less on the way here and so I can see gubberment pushing this on the mammies for the kids…


Deadly Jokers Play Tricks

More deadly Tricks from the Daily Gaslighters

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar has said that the reopening of schools and colleges will not be dependent on teens being vaccinated.


Full Spectrum Lies

As I said, no one knows what Herd immunity is, even the wobbly wobbly Waradkarnator.

Herd immunity

When asked about the level at which herd immunity would be achieved, the Tánaiste said that the truth was that nobody knew the exact percentage at which there would be herd immunity. There could be a further, more infectious, variant at some stage which would make the target level even higher.

“It is a continuum, a spectrum, that’s why we always aim for a high level.”

Autism, is a spectrum, gender is fluid too, also on a spectrum herd immunity is a spectrum, a continum… sure doc whatever you say, get ready for some full spectrum fluid :face_vomiting:

The Day Before

Government to impose blanket vaccine guidelines for schools


Schools will not be allowed to set their own rules on vaccinations for staff and students, with blanket guidelines to be issued instead by the Department of Education.

When your child is locked in prison-school system, undefended. How sure are you they aren’t going to inject them by mistake? It has already happened, in Canada they are removing parental consent.


Soure of the Canada consent thing OW?


At least in Ontario children 12 and over dont need parental consent for vaccinations. Under 12’s do. But as the Liberal Party in Ontario are totally nuts who knows.




There is a video posted on the matter when a question was asked live on Candain TV, I’ll find it and post again.

Meanwhile a quick search:

Vaccination, minors aged 12+ do not need parental consent

“a Covid-19 vaccine (Pfizer only) may be administered to a child aged 12 to 15 years if they provide informed consent to receive it and have the capacity to make the decision. This is consistent with legal allowances in the Health Care Consent Act”.


Cheers OW


Shot to the Heart.

Genetic Injections are known to destroys Young Men and Boys hearts in the main. Known.

Screen shot from the video.

“…The CDC is knowingly recommending a product that is more dangerous by far than the virus threat to our children”


You can get slides etc. from all past acip-cdc meetings here btw


What about NIAC, here they are below.

Do the Irish get to see their rubber stamping process that condones injecting the children with known death and heart inflamation being but some of the side affects, if you can call death a side affect, a fatal affect and nothing less.

Department of Health Dr Colette Bonner, Deputy Chief Medical Officer
Department of Health Dr Siobhán O’Sullivan, Chief Bioethics Officer
Department of Health Northern Ireland Martin Coleman, Head of COVID-19 Vaccination Policy Branch
Faculty of Occupational Medicine, RCPI Dr Conor McDonnell, Consultant Occupational Health Physician
Faculty of Paediatrics, RCPI Dr Edina Moylett, Consultant Paediatrician UHG, Senior Lecturer Paediatrics, NUI Galway
Faculty of Pathology, RCPI Dr Marianne Nolan, Consultant Microbiologist, Cork University Hospital
Faculty of Public Health Medicine, RCPI Dr Mary Ward, Specialist in Public Health Medicine
Health Products Regulatory Authority Dr Donal O’Connor, Vigilance Assessment Manager
(alternate – Sinead Curran, Director of Human Products Monitoring)
Health Protection Surveillance Centre Dr Suzanne Cotter, Specialist in Public Health Medicine
Health Service Executive Dr Rose Fitzgerald, Specialist in Public Health Medicine
Infectious Diseases Society of Ireland Dr Corinna Sadlier, Consultant in Infectious Diseases
Dr Cathal O’Broin, Consultant in Infectious Diseases and General Internal Medicine
Institute of Medicine, RCPI Dr Eavan Muldoon, Consultant in Infectious Diseases, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital
Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, RCPI Dr Cliona Murphy, Chair of the Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, and Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
Irish College of General Practitioners Dr Conor Maguire, General Practitioner
National Immunisation Office Dr Lucy Jessop, Director of Public Health, National Immunisation Office or designate (Dr Chantal Migone, Specialist in Public Health Medicine)
Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland Essene Cassidy, Registered Children’s, General and Public Health Nurse
Health Service Executive Dr Kevin Kelleher, Assistant National Director for Public Health and Child Health HSE
Royal College of Physicians of Ireland Dr Anna Clarke, Specialist in Public Health Medicine and former Dean of the Faculty of Public Health Medicine at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Dr Brian Cleary, Honorary Clinical Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences, RCSI/Rotunda Hospital
Travel Medicine Society of Ireland Dr Astrid Weidenhammer
Virus Reference Laboratory, UCD Prof Cillian De Gascun, Consultant Virologist and Director of the National Virus Reference Laboratory and Chair of the Expert Advisory Group on COVID-19
Medical Secretary Dr Niamh Bambury, Specialist Registrar in Public Health Medicine
Medical Secretary Dr Peter O’Reilly, Paediatric Specialist Registrar, RCPI Higher Specialist Training Programme
Lay Member Dr Ciara Keane, PhD MBA
Lay Member Alan Hughes, MBA
Programme Manager, RCPI Thérèse Morgan


Vaccines Bring Them Closer to Your Children - In School

This is head shaking stuff. The last few times I looked through the backgrounds for equivalent committees they at least had a reasonable number of people who had some serious relevant virology / vaccinology / field epidemiology backgrounds. But this lot, one possible two might have enough of a background to get themselves on a vaccine expert committee anywhere else.

This is a typical HSE committee of know nothing bureaucratic careerists. Almost all of those with MD qualifications went straight into the “public heath management” soon after qualifying.

You really would get far higher quality decisions by grabbing 30 random people off the street, give them a vaccines for dummies book to read, and then have them ask a lot of common sense questions put to the so called “experts”.


Alex Berenson @AlexBerenson

TL: DR The @Pfizer #Covid vaccine doesn’t reduce overall mortality - BASED ON THE CLINICAL TRIAL THAT PROVIDED THE DATA NECESSARY TO AUTHORIZE THEM.

Remind me why we’re trying to mandate them?

Alex Berenson @AlexBerenson

The pivotal clinical trial for the @pfizer #Covid vaccine shows it does nothing to reduce the overall risk of death. ZERO. 15 patients who received the vaccine died; 14 who received placebo died. The end. The trial blind is broken now. This is all the data we will ever have.

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Yeup. It was very basic maths. The size of the sample was so small and the time frame was so short that the numbers had to be fudged and then they took the highest possible number. Knowing that almost no one would realize that the lowest possible number was an equally probably correct value.

I’d guess that the true efficacy number from the data collected was somewhere between 30% and 80%. With highest probability towards the lower number. With the true number rapidly failing by the month.

They used the classic trick of a log scale Y when showing efficacy over time. Which hid just how fast it fell. This is how to lie with statistics - 101 stuff. Play with the Y or X scale of the graph to make your terrible numbers look good.

As for the effects on mortality numbers, that was always going to be around zero. The people who died from SARs 2 are the people for who vaccines offer no real protection. The sick and the old.


A VPN may be required to view videos on bitchute due out the European regional blocks being put on videos, i.e. people in europe are prohibited from viewing the videos are being classed “incitement to hatred”, a little forerunner taste of the how hate speech laws will be used to destroy your freedom of expression and access to information, information that might save your life.


Yea but they’ve never pumped mRNA into the human population of the world at this scale ever, using magical words to hide the greatest genetic experiment the world has ever seen and been part of, since, maybe creation.

It’s always the excipients too, causing other kinds of mess in the body, unforeseen, usually covered up mess. What we have now is the whole thing, all parts are suspect, the entire package is screaming STOP.

Perhaps she is appalled at watching how marketing is being used to harm, how marketing has been pre-packaged and centrally controlled turing governments into nothing but a Big-Tech-Pharma franchise to enslave their citizens, and taking their freedoms down a dark alley way - if she sincerely believe what she’s says. It is designed to harm, then the message is important.

I see her background is out there. I think “whistleblower” in this instance, is a label put on by whomever is hosting it to attract attention and traffic and not something she is brandishing.

Perhaps she is appalled and disgusted, and it’s about children now, she looks uncomfortable maybe not because she is lying, because she knows what may happen to her, if she has money they she is somewhat protected. So perhaps she doesn’t have to care too much about her career, in the face of what is going on, careers right now almost seem secondary, all the money in the world will not bring back a dead child.

She cites a lot of technical aspects, info and connections and also the specific laws being infringed in a US context, that’s a lot of work, she seems very pointedly incensed, and is cautious not to overly speculate and seems to have spent a lot of time looking into the ingredients using her own knowledge, her own industry perspective, using tangents and differentials in patent filings between legal jurisdictions. She might just be the most important thing, one smart cookie, irregardless of her career choices.

It does feel many more from industry are coming out warning of the dangers and questioning things, Robert Malone is like a living Kary Mullis and Yeadon is no longer a lone voice in the wilderness.


Forwarded from telegram.

Taoiseach wants to Jab the Children before they go back to School :bangbang:

Taoiseach says 250,000 Children could be partially Vaccinated in time for School
A quarter of a million school children could be at least partially vaccinated by time of the return to classes, the Taoiseach has said.

But he predicted that 250,000 school children could have received their first dose by the end of August.

Full story here : :point_right:

Please call the Taoiseach’s Dept on :phone: 01 6194000 and ask to leave a message for the Taoiseach telling him you strongly disagree with this.


A classic but dastardly example of the very obvious gaslighting formula used attacking each cohort, if you have not already learned the technique - now onto the final cohorts, the children and eventually babies.

Imply - Deny - Suggest - Confirm

27-28th Imply + Deny

Leo & Donnely Dney Children will need injections ot return to school., same time Foley indicates school will have no control over “vaccine policy”

Today 30th, - Suggest

MM suggestion quarter of million children be partially injected before school returns, steady now, etc. etc.
(Friday Release, timed to hit as peeps wind down for the weekend and think about other things than this shyte)

Weekend / Next Week (monday) - Confirm/Clarifiactions?

Next week will be maybe confirming or clarifications, if not at the weekend but next week will be something. All ducks. In row. Each walks on, says piece. Next duck walks on, says piece etc. etc.

BTW if you think the Regime have lost their minds, yes they have, they are controlled, does not excuse but Infiltration instead of Invasion.

Watch the AUDITS.


Will you follow orders?

The Menace is directing the show. All regimes are given the same script, the same orders, because there sonly one agenda. The agenda of the Menace.

JUST IN - Health ministers decide to offer vaccination for children aged twelve and older in Germany. The decision contradicts the position of the Standing Commission on Vaccination (STIKO), which still does not recommend general vaccination for minors.

5:40 PM · Aug 2, 2021·Twitter Web App

All over the world. The menace, has walked right out into the open and asked for the children and too your government to get them, every single one.

Will you had over your children to the Menace?

Will you?

If you do hand them over, who will defend them?