Irish Regime told to target your Children





Likewise, we have had no deaths 0-19 in Ireland. Yet.

Twitter post has a link to a letter from Holohan to Donnolly, July, about the childrens vaxxes, confirming no deaths, and only a handful of ICU cases.


Creepy ISAG still doing their thing

Public health experts have called for children under 12 to be given the chance to get vaccinated against Covid-19
A webinar hosted by the Independent Scientific Advisory Group, which advocates for a zero-Covid approach, heard concerns about the impact of Covid infections on the unvaccinated and younger population.
Dr Tomas Ryan, a neuroscientist at Trinity College, said the issue of long Covid in children has been “downplayed”, as he called for more transparency about case numbers in schools.


They’re pissed off because more studies are coming out that show long COVID looks to relate to the severity of the initial illness. Which tends to be mild in kids. There are at least three studies in kids now, that totally contradict what isag/sage/deepti et all are pushing:

Post viral issues have existed as long as viruses have. Corona viruses are neurotrophic. The olfactory nerve thing is not new with them, or other neuro changes:


Zero Science. 100% Marketing.

“force our children to be infected” vs “force our children to be injected”

ISAG terror operatives are a public health menace to you and your children and society at large. They use known terror techniques enabled by a complicit media, injecting fear into the hearts and minds of families and communities across the island. In an attempt to force parents to submit and allow their children be given known unproven never before used genetic injections which install a Chinese Communist Party computer designed synthetic sequence that creates an alien protein at the genetic cellular level throughout the body, that destabilises and undermines your genetic integrity, creating illness in millions and proven to kill in tens of thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands of instances across the world.

The People See Who is Who and What is What.


They may expect more of this. Be calm peeps. Give them no excuse to go further.


This is when people might begin to realise that the term “anti-vaxxer” was coined as a cover to deflect from harm done, by characterising parents of children or relatives of loved ones genuine rages because a child or loved one was killed or life destroyed by “safe & effective” vaccines.

See, they started out, ya know, pro-vax, just like this mans sister and then suddenly he is, well you know “anti-vaxx”.

A man can then be heard shouting: "My sister is in hospital after her second jab of the vaccine."

Typically allowing the politicians and pharma repo walk off into the sunset holding hands while no one noticed.

The scale this is, well, biblical.


One of those thing people might have forgotten.


All their ire is focused on the Non Vaxed. But it’s what the Lapsed Believers in Vaxes, “Lapsed Vaxolics”, do if/when things go wrong that they really should be worrying about.


“It’s understandable that after the period of time that Covid-19 has been with us, that some people become tired of it. But the virus does not become tired. It doesn’t care if we are fed up, it only sees the opportunity to spread from person to person when we let our guard down".

Did somebody mention the word period? WoW.


Report in the Irish Times surprisingly pointing out the methods used and justifications offered for recommending vaccines for children.

" The primary benefits of vaccinating healthy 12-15 year olds will be normalisation of life, less disruption to educational and social activities, and reduced virus transmission to vulnerable household contacts.”

These conclusions were reached after holding focus group meetings with parents and young people. “There was an expectation that vaccination might be a step toward getting life back to normal and might facilitate more freedoms in terms of school and social activities,” the research found.

Relying on unpublished focus group studies reporting a yearning for a return to normal life doesn’t feel like “following the science”. Yet this research appears to have tipped the balance in favour of universal vaccination of young people."

Since when has scientific consensus or public health policy been determined by consulting with focus groups?


Since the Inda outsourced decisions to many.

Citizens assembly, you asked for it.
IMF, they told us
Referenda, it was an instruction

The Bert did this previously with the satatanic Blair. In it together. they are and were.


The CDC is not mandating the vaccines for it’s employees. Remember this when the wilfully ignorant people you meet mention mandating it for children.


’The government want 16 and 17-year-olds to have the vaccine. I won’t let that happen to mine… not while we have breath with which to say no’

Neil Oliver says whether or not to vaccinate children comes down to morality, and that he won’t let his children get the jab.

Neil Oliver Making Sense.


The Video


No VPN - couldn’t access as “Incitement to hatred”

Dutch - “Incitement to hatred” & “Holocaust denial”

Got to view as US.


How to get round virtual walls built in front of an open window

Y’all need to VPN up!

For the DIY’ers

They have a proxy browser here -

However that might not play videos, but handy for testing things.

You can pay for VPNs, protonvpn, openvpn - do a search, read reviews. Start a topic here if you like.


Will ISAG, Leo, Martin & Parma Co save your dead child?


Generally not conformable using children to make what might be miscontrusted by stupid people as a political point or whatever, as this is exactly how the media emotionally manipulates you against your better judgement to subvert your survival instincts - however for the sake of documenting the reality (have obscured this childs face) and the absolute seriousness of that reality here is an example of a mother whom has posted these details and images on twittee (which enables anyone to follow it up on) it wen somewhat viral:

Not a one off

Coming for the Babies - The Great TABOO Swtich-A-ROO

Google are now doing an interesting level of scrubbing. DuckDuckGo shows that the twitter account once existed but twitter must have scrubbed all search results for it. In Google nothing. Not a sign the account ever existed. The special team in Mountain View must now be doing deep scrubs of all information that does not support the government narrative. No matter how minor and tangential. Its also been interesting watching more and more pre 2020 science papers disappear from Google search results.


I was trying to look for previous images of the circle - a bunch of wef people have it as a lapel pin. Can’t find any, had thought it was just me, but I found them semi-easily enough before. That was just a month or so ago.