Irish Regime told to target your Children



Dr. Squirrel, Prof. Good Place and Dr. Jonestown would be pleased, things are looking up! :chart_with_upwards_trend:


We’re in a bizzaro world top story second story


All the testing stats are near the bottom of this page. Some nice graphs.

Google translate is a bit hit or miss with the kanji.




This will be the hill the Gov/NPHT die on hopefully, as a parent of 3 kids under 7 we wont be subscribing and I know a lot of parents who have no interest in this BS.


More people on twitter are questioning. A lot of the doctors who have been behind all other pushes are cheerleading & saying they can’t wait to register their kids.


Ah yes, loading up the truck today. I was about to post that story as a need to use a past but awkward truth to justify next stage in agenda.

95% effective … for 90 days.

They’d never have gotten that needle into peoples arms twice had they run the truth then. They knew the truth. They know what they are doing. All premeditated and planned. Like any WAR is.


School Vaxes 6 Year Old After Parent Told Them Not to Vaccinate His Son



Is Monday 29th Nov, D-Day for many parents at the school gates across the land?


So how has the let’s pretend Regime succeeded in useing words or “advice”, to get people to comply with their agenda?