Irish Regulator Says More Intensive Regulation Required

They’re talking in the Dail at the moment so there isn’t much beef yet.

Words like stable,horse and door spring to mind.

More regulation is not needed, if it was, John Hurley and the board could have asked and gotten it over the last few years.
They pulled down the blinds so they could not see during the boom, they will do so in future.

Nobody prosecutes the villains like John Hurley and Patrick Neary and the board of directors of the Central bank, these are the people that need to be sacked and sued for gross incompetence in not maintaining the banks financial stability.

Set the precedent now and anybody in future running the central bank will think twice.

Mind you corruption goes to the heart of the ECB, so what’s different about Ireland.

I am of the view that central banks should be scrapped, their entire function is to protect the bankers and prop up a fraudulent system (fractional reserve)