Irish Residential Property Institute expects a fall of 10%

The Irish Residential Property Institute expects a fall of 10% in house prices in 2007.

Actually they haven’t, but I was full of (as my mother would say) “divilment” reading a post from UG that suggests we should issue a press release.

In the US, the easiest way to get your message across seems to be to form a group with a title that represents what you are opposed to, and issue press releases under its banner. There are enough 2 man VI bands in this country operating under grandiose titles as to make another one irrelevent.

I suggest we should form the Irish Residential Property Institute (or similar) and issue press releases based on the daftwatch and irish property watch figures which are being ignored by the VIs in favour of their own biased figures.

Personally, I’d prefer to play it straight and issue whatever on behalf of the 'pin and maybe irishpropertywatch…

But the main issue, is take your 10%, could we possibly agree the figure amongst all the various commentators here??? :smiley:

Before agreeing a drop need a benchmark upon which to monitor it

Its a good idea.

Remember Ireland Off-line was established to counter the impression from that vest interest called Eircom that all was hunkydory broadband wise for years.


I think “Irish Property Watch” is a better name to publish under as it sounds like it is watching out for the consumer. (Which it is!)