Irish Senator: terrorist attacks could happen on Ireland's streets including Dublin

Fair play, can’t live in there under siege forever

Top security expert warns terrorist attacks could happen on Ireland’s streets including Dublin

Dr Clonan added: “Last weekend I predicted that there would be a resumption of terrorist attacks throughout European capitals and that has happened so you can expect more of the same.

“It will be exactly the same agenda that drove Islamic State attacks throughout Europe in 2015. We
had one summer where hundreds of European citizens were murdered in terror attacks.

“We had attacks on Christmas markets, on train stations, in London and all over Europe and we can expect that trend to reassert itself.

“So even though Ireland was the first country to recognise the Palestinian Authority as a state in 1980, the fact of the matter is they won’t distinguish between one type of western [nation] and another.

“But also, the guy who was involved in the attack in London – who had an Irish residency and was living in Dublin, Rachid Redouane – was subsequently discovered to have been planning an attack in Ireland.

“From a security, defence and intelligence point of view we are very vulnerable.

Top security expert warns terrorist attacks could happen on Ireland’s streets including Dublin - Dublin Live

The beheading of native people would be considered a terrorist attack in most western countries if carried out by a Muslim.


Why were the Israeli leadership pushing the Hamas=ISIS line even as the attacks were still ongoing? And then continuing with the riff as the week went on? And then a mentally ill Muslim “known to the authorities” pops up in Brussels and rides around on a motorbike with an AK47 for over 6 hours… after making statements explicitly pledging himself to ISIS… even though that group haven’t been heard from in Europe in several years…:thinking:

And of course there’s this husband of a Mossad agent who was on the scenes of two ISIS attacks in different European countries in the same week and against whom a German court ruled in favour of the conspiracy theorists.

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They really are going with this nonsense aren’t they? How f***ing dumb do they think people are?

All I’m saying is if there is an “ISIS” attack in Ireland I’ll see you at the Israeli embassy…

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The elites in Ireland display incredible exceptionalism. Just because Britain, Germany, Sweden, France, etc have had problems with Islamic extremism, that is something that could never happen here. Our elites are actually so arrogant to think that our brand of multi-culturalism and supposed tolerance is far superior to that elsewhere in Europe.

At some stage much sooner than they realise, this delusion will be shattered.

It is a deep rooted inferiority complex, (the need to please everyone, everyone loves the Irish) that then exaggerates and erupts into a sheltered sense of superiority. ‘We know better’ or ‘this time it’s different’

This also fits in with the siege mentality that is behind the sterile zone around the Parliament.