Irish taxpayers 'should foot bank bill' … ing15.html

ECB are telling us where to shove it.

More than 150 years later we haven’t forgotten that Potatoes must be protected from blight.

We need to suffer severely to ensure this banking crisis never happens again.

Until there are half clothed kids with ribs sticking out being driven to gas chamber by FF ministers, some people will continue to vote FF. Can those who didn’t vote FF opt out of “our obligations” ?

not very politic of him but he has a point.

I thought the lesson learned was not to leave your fate in the hands of foreigners who couldn’t care less if you starved or not?


We’ll let Mr Smaghi explain to the Germans, English & French why their Bond holders won’t be getting their money back.

Seeing as he has such a firm grasp of the basics of international finance !

Perhaps he can also act as a spokesperson for the Icelandic taxpayers as well, in their efforts to tell the English to stick there losses where the sun don’t shine ?

Now, THERE’s a splendid idea 8)

I agree with this 100% - under the “You break it? You bought it!” rule.

I also agree that we should be 100% free to choose how we work this debt out.


Very true.

I’m very happy with it all being lumped on the taxpayer. Should bring a default along sooner. Can’t be paid no matter how much people think it should be.

I can’t see any EU-related referendum passing in the next 10 years. Hope they like the treaties they have.

This is where we’re at.

We’re so deep in the shit that an Italian bureaucrat is lecturing us on governance.

Good point and their track record of electing politicians isnt exactly great is it. :unamused: … 70216.html