Irish Times: Anglo building sold for €7m

Robbing Peter to pay Paul? … ing33.html

They had a real outside buyer interested and we have basically sold the building to ourselves. The Central Bank could have rented some crap offices on the outskirts of the city if they are short on space.

Will the Central Bank be vacating Dame St. eventually? Is Dame St. leased or owned by the state?

Yep, this latest master stroke will end up costing the state more money, relocating costs etc on top of the purchase price…seriously, is this country completely bereft of anyone in power with an ounce of cop on?

My office is across the river from that building, what an eye sore.

I’m suprised it sold, I know the Luas line is there but Location wise it’s a bit out !

Hearing talk the current CBI building may become the new Central Library. (It’s owned by the State it seems. Great view from the upper floors)

“Politically” it’d make sense…

Good idea, like taking bank of ireland college green off the elite. As the taxpayer has been defrauded out of billions when do hoi polloi taxpayers get some amenities and token value for all this underutilised state owned property lying around.

Will there be cameras overlooking the new central bank building when they are burning the midnight oil? :smiley:

I had heard about this dispute, looks like it is getting serious …

Indo: Anglo HQ sale stalled over fees row … 44285.html

oil? With leading lights like thee they don’t need any more illumination :-GC

Done Deal. … ing30.html

Δ Love the second comment on the IT site. Don’t remember seeing this advertised on the open market

It look sot be gone, so like the open market that too is gone. It’s all gone.

The one from ‘rubrick’ about the second paragraph, it’s actually the first comment, I was reading go wrong order. Bit of a nerdy joke…

That area of the north wall quay between the PWC building and the Point Village is going to be the first area in central Dublin to see major development in the next 5 years,

The relocation of the Central Bank to the area will be the catalyst bringing about further office / retail and hotels into the surrounding area.

The 1500 approx staff from the central bank alone will generate significant economic activity that will have to be serviced.

NAMA own most of the sites in this area and the Central Bank relocation will be a massive aid to property values in the area - which has to be good for the tax payer.

1500 staff in our central bank?! What do they do?

They have expended rapidly after the financial crash in the hopes it won’t be allowed happen again if more eyes are watching the banks

That’s probably the equivalent of 1200 normal workers. As far as I know the 32.5 hour week for many central bank staff is still in place – staff hired or promoted since 2008 have however been asked to perform a herculean 35 hours.

There’s been a hefty hike in levies charged to financial institutions for the privilege of being “monitored more closely” so expect the new building to be kitted out with no expense spared!

that building won’t take 1500 I’d say so fuckin useless right from the start.