Irish Times: Irish have home-owning 'obsession'

I wish I had bookmarked it but someone provided a link here to a study that demonstrated that home ownership rates in Ireland were not greater then any trend internationally or in Europe… If someone is looking for a degree dissertation, this is one area where some primary research would be invaluable from a behavioural economics / cultural identity point of view…

The wonders of Google: … -ownership

(This data is for 2000, so Ireland’s % has probably increased even more since then)

Nah, it was a different study and obviously had normalised data as opposed to whatever misinterpreted source data is destroyed there.

Yeah, I remember that too TUG. Ireland came out somewhere in the middle, blowing out of the water this mantra of us being particularly obsessed with ownership compared to our continental brothers and sisters.

Just because the percentage of homeowners is within norms, doesn’t mean the non-homeowners aren’t obsessed with home ownership. Take this site for instance !!

The reason the % of homeowners probably isn’t greater is due to the overvalued prices that homes have been bid up to.

What about Globalhousepricecrash or La Bulle Immobiliere? Every country has it’s own property websites, it’s not exactly groundbreaking, concept wise and your second point is completely unhinged and unpremised as we have nothing statistically valid to discuss. … ousing.pdf

Page 67 …

Thanks Proximo, not the study I was referring to either but useful nonetheless!

Blindjustic had it in an early rasterisation of a PDF report. He’s yer man.

I’l not comment on this article. :unamused:
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For posterity…

Another scary highlight from that report…

What’s interesting to me is the language used. Three quarters of homes owner occupied. Does that mean three quarters of the population? I don’t think so.

I’d like to see population based numbers rather than property based numbers…

1,275,630 unique visitors in one month?!!

Of course we’re obsessed.

Half of those were google bots probably… And his second point, obviously, necessarily, does not follow…

Basically my point is that we are (at least were) indeed obsessed with owning homes, and the property bubble proves that. The % of home-owners in Ireland is simply a consequence of the property bubble. Lots of them were priced out of the market for a number of years hence the % of homeowners is not greater.

I do think we’re starting to break our obsession slowly though as the extent of the property bubble becomes clear in the cold light of day.

obsessed with property!!




No, I don’t think so. These figures show we are no more or less obsessed than the international norm in real terms.

And your second and third points are contradictory.

I have to agree with the premise that we’ve become obessed with buying a house. So many times in 2005 and 2006 I used to hear nothing but why haven’t you bought a house yet and rent is dead money. In Ireland it seemed to be a goal in life to own your house even though you were only a couple of years out of college.

And yet why is the average FTB age 31…

I wonder what % of the other 25% fall under second homes or private investor homes. I would say that a lot of owner occupiers in the 75% also own the homes in the 25% not occupied by the owners. Almost everyone in my company who moved up the ladder into a second home in the past 4-5 years held onto their starter home as an investment.