Irish Times: Lessons learned in the property crash

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How about this one for Madame

“Dont deliberately obfuscate the property prices on your property shilling website in a pathethic and doomed attempt to deny the bleeding obvious”

Let’s assume we follow this advice in the next bubble, whenever it comes along.

Won’t these valuations made by suitably qualified valuers simply be the value the market is currently willing to pay i.e. an inflated bubble price?

Would a lesson for a paper be “Dont overpay for a property website” ???

So - if this all comes to pass and I’ve got an evaluation by a professional evaluator and the @rse drops out of the market and suddenly I’m stuck in negative equity - can I make a claim against his professional indemnity insurance? Because that wouldn’t suck. And by god it’d keep them honest.

More rubbish. Blame the valuers. They will value a place at what they think they can get for it. That is dependent mainly on the availability of mortgage credit, which is mainly dependent on the banks, which are regulated by the central bank.

What was the source of this rubbish? Oh :confused:

The finger of blame?

This guy is postulating about better ways to improve the horse drawn carriage when he should be building cars.

I was thinking today that the solution is just never to lend a penny for undeveloped land again.
Sure if a builder wants to shell out money on a greenfield site because he thinks it will a potential goldmine he can do it. But he has to do it out of accumulated realised cash profits.

Banks can then give him development finance on a phase by phase basis based on pre sales or pre letting.

That’s how things used to be in Ireland when we had tight banks who had no money to lend.

I think Madame stepped down last year?