Irish Times - Letters: Speed limits and housing market


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Continuing on from yesterday, could HUGO BRADY BROWN of Stratford on Slaney also be Hugo Brady of Libertas

Hugo Brady’s letter is in fact genius!!!

We could, if we reversed this foolhardy speed limit reduction, save the country from the Rural Ghost estate problem with a single stroke of the legislative pen.

If the government were to increase the speed limit to 300km per Hour all housing estates within 300km of Dublin could be advertised as only an hour from Dublin.

The government would then pay a 60% subsidy towards the cost of an Aston Martin DB9 (or similar high spec car)to all First time buyers of houses outside Dublin (approx 80k per db9) thus simultaneously reviving the car industry.

This combined with a boosted AH subsidised Mortgage scheme from the NTMA and special 100% grants to upgrade CIF standard POS* shoeboxes to new energy regulations, we can return the value of our housing stock to the Dizzy Heights of June 2006 and Ireland to it’s number one slot as canniest Nation in the world


we would also be able claim the coveted title of greatest number of DB9’s per head of population in the world!!!.

As a side Deal Aston Martin would relocate their factory to Tullamore, thus (in combination with the increase in demand for undertaking, ambulance, medical and legal probate services resulting from the unavoidable but necessary increase in road deaths) reversing the employment crisis.

If the government wish to be brave and make the changes cost neutral it could impose new Death duties which would in time pay for all these DB9’s .


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you heard it first here … be bold

be brave …

***Technical tla POS =Pile Of shite **

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I want my Bullet train to the southern rivera that is Gorey first. Its got 979 houses up on daft.