Irish Times: Property law may fall at finish line

No surprise there…

Why in God’s name do we need new legislation to have a property price database? The Data Protection question turned out to be a figment of FF’s imagination. Is it so we can have a shiny new quango?

  1. There are fuck-all parliamentary draughtsmen. ( who are any good )

  2. Dermo Ahern is putting this bastard redhaired stepchild of a bill through as a DOJ bill.

  3. There are only one or two bills that will make it through before the fall. After that all bills typically lapse if they haven’t made it to signature.

  4. The greens are currently doing the Whaa! Boo Hoo! Whaa Boo Hoo! over the other bastard stepchild bill, the climate control one and will pull the plug immediately if it isn’t on that small list of bills ( never seen such a hated bill by the departments )

  5. I think the other bill that will make it is the Finance one and maybe a few small others… interesting to watch.

  6. this one has almost no chance ( especially as the critical amendments aren’t out as yet, which leads me to believe the draughtsmen are either about to publish or have been yanked onto the climate control one )

The agenda for next week isn’t up yet ( dail returns wed 12th )