Irish Times says journalism in new media is in Stone Age

“Let he who has no sin cast the first stone”

My new year resolution is to stop taking the mickey out of IN&M’s financial woes, which has been particularly pleasurable in the past, given how it criticises the financial performance of its competitors.

So the new pleasure might be taking the mickey out of journalism standards at the Irish Times. A columnist today is dismissive towards new media and says “For all its immediacy and modernity, aside from what conventional media itself contributes, so-called internet journalism is at a level equivalent to the Stone Age.” … 78033.html

To kick things off in 2012, consider this property-related piece last week in the IT with a title
“Dublin house prices up 4.2% this year” … 54025.html

For a very general audience, you might think the title refers to property in Dublin being up 4.2% in 2012 but a closer reading shows the non-Stone Age journalist is referring to houses only, as distinct from apartments.

But take a look at the CSO figures on which he bases his piece. … ov2012.pdf

What he has done is take the index for houses at the end of January 2012 of 61.4 and compared that with the index at the end of November 2012 of 64.0 and the difference sure enough is 4.2%.

But should he not have taken the figures at the end of December 2011 when the index was 64.0 and concluded that “this year” Dublin houses have been exactly flat - 0% change?

He does later say that the year to year change is a minus 3.5% but how misleading is that headline? … 78033.html

To kick things off in 2012, consider this property-related piece last week in the IT

I think it’s a bit rich for any journalist from Indo or IT to degrade online journalism.

I have seen a large amount of misleading articles from both papers in 2012 and frankly it’s downright annoying

For them it’s no longer about providing information, it’s about retaining buyers. “Newsagents” main trade now is lotto.

The IT also raised its prices in the last couple of weeks to €2.00 for the weekday edition and €2.30 for the Saturday.

Good thing that their business is immune to all that supply/demand/price nonesense.

Also I note the Irish Times has in the last few days increased its price from 1.85 to 2.00. Not a lot of huffing and puffing from their pricewatch column on that 8% price increase.

As far as I know the newspapers are still benefitting from the reduced VAT rate introduced in 2011 on newspapers.

Wow, hadn’t realised that; so buying the daily paper, ignoring the weekend edition, will cost you … €520 a year … :laughing:
They’re finished, just a matter of time.

Check out this headline. Sloppy? … 41676.html

I was an avid reader of newspapers, and watcher of TV news, for years - I liked to feel like I was informed. But, about 3 years ago I realized that far too much of news media is made up of regurgitated press releases, too beholden to advertisers, and exists to reinforce the views of the readership, so they’ll keep buying. Plus there’s always way too much “lifestyle” shite. So I stopped.
I get my news from what people are talking about on forums - property pin, and (gulp) and a couple of others.
I find the topics and issues regular forum contributors post about online are usually the important things, and are often the issues and stories that slip unnoticed (or intentionally aren’t highlighted) by newspapers - and while individual posters have agendas, of course, most forums don’t (AAM aside).
I can’t imagine a scenario where I would ever buy a newspaper again.

Edit: Oh, and about the “Irish Times says journalism in new media is in Stone Age” - to paraphrase yer woman who rode that English politician in the 60’s - “They would say that, wouldn’t they?”

Funny how none of the Irish print media are discussing how they’re trying to charge people linking back to their articles: … y-the-web/

Mary Fitzgerald, foreign correspondent for the Irish Times, twitted to distance herself from the Stone Age article.

somethings are worth paying for
my list

  1. Economist
  3. The Atlantic
  4. The New Yorker

not all of these subs are currently active and like most people I’m backed up on the Economists … let,20090/

The Atlantic and NewYorker are iPad subs but often after reading I marvel at the quality of the writing and say to myself I need to cut out time wasted on interweb fora

Although I do find the New Yorker a bit fussy and precious sometimes.

How ironic that said journalist, by using such a headline, is engaging in the very Internet activity of trolling. LOL.

Headline on todays Indo

“Morrison Hotel to be reopen as Hilton ‘Double Tree’ brand after** €7bn** refit” … 41918.html

Thats over €50 million spent on each room apparantly :laughing:

Have a subscription to the phoenix and it’s the only Irish media publication worth paying for IMO.

Happy New Year NWL :slight_smile:

The crap journalism in the Times is all about puffing up its Property Supplement. I think Daft has that market now, permanently.

On property, it’s true that both papers continue to be mouthpieces of the property bulls - with some recent articles so wildly wrong that the Internet has started wondering if a number of trolls have left the web to peddle their nonsense in “mainstream media”.
When reading the Indo especially, ask not for whom the bulls troll - they troll for thee.

Foreign correspondents are all that seem to be left in the way of journalism. Even political analysis has become one spin-tastic lurch after another.

The ITs correspondent in Washington, Lara Marlowe is one of the most obnoxious feminist assholes in the business.

lara ‘ommm’ marlowe

:laughing: Thats exactly how she talks.

When the IT moved her from Paris to Washington her reportage became extremely leftwing and pro-obama. Apparantly theyre thinking of sending her back to Paris.