Irish Times says journalism in new media is in Stone Age … 3-Jan2013/ … 3-Jan2013/

Irish newspaper group demands €300 in fees from charity for just hyper-linking to just one online newspaper story … per-story/

This paragraph spells out the madness

This is quite funny … 22900.html

Well Waters has called for the killing of their founder. If that’s not hate speech I don’t know what is.

I believe Waters to be a total fucking moron.

It’s de knowledge economy in action.

I think Waters is right but on the wrong thing.
It’s not internet commentary that is debasing public discourse. It is just another consequence of the debasement caused by new technology and lack of manners and courtesy in society.

There is a video doing the rounds today of a drunk girl in a takeaway cursing and acting in a embarrassing way to guy with a video camera (maybe on a phone). It was then pointed out to me that he is trying to get creep pictures up her skirt. Basically hugely provoking her. So he’s a massive creep but she gets singled out.

Ubiquitous pornography and offensive content has brought us to such lows

This is why old media is fucked. No smileys. :smiley:

Simply in his death throes.

Great father though.

I agree that it’s the use, not the medium itself that is the issue.

If Waters started getting obscene, abusive & pornographic letters, would he start demanding that whatever nameless Egyptian, or Chinese invented paper be burned ?, Would he round on An Post ?

Blame the craftsman, not the tools !

My suspicion is that what we’re hearing is breaking realisation amongst Irish & Other Journalists that livelihoods are under threat. In the last decade the Journalists & Editors of not just Ireland, but the world have predominantly been shown to be severely lacking. Media Moguls decide what we get to see & what gets ignored, editorials come direct from the desk of the Master, & if the facts don’t fit, you make some up.

Journalists are just regurgitating press releases & are too locked into corporations that own them. We’ve now got a generation that has never bought a physical newspaper in their lives, so times up for the journos who are bound to them. :nin

They wouldn`t be under threat if they simply DID THEIR JOBS.
The information is out there, endless CSO, ESRI, government departmental reports to name but a few. Get back to basics, hire people with real skills and experience, i.e doing a course in journalism does not make one an economist, a financial expert or anything of the sort. Those people with the journalism/writing degrees could make good proof readers and editors.

They lost their way. If I were running a newspaper right now I would be finding the top bloggers and getting them to write articles on a pay per job basis. Pad out the online section of their websites massively - why don`t newspapers have forums? Print is dead, time to move on. The best part of the RTE news website these days is the comments on articles. The same goes for the rest of them.

They failed us terribly during the boom, they were mere cheerleaders for corrupt politicians and bad policy.
May they reap what they sow and may better media rise from the ashes.

What is to stop a bunch of bloggers joining together and putting together their own online only newspaper?
“The Pinster Post” :smiley:

Message to Orish mainstream meeja. You ought to know you’re in trouble when even the fuddy duddy Spectator holds you up for derision as hopelessly, laughably archaic: … -internet/

Oireland, the small rock adrift in the middle of the north Atlantic that thinks it’s the centre of the known universe.

Surely you’re not suggesting that the Media Industry should start paying their content producers on the basis of their actual quality !!!

That would set a horrific standard for all Journalists everywhere. I’m sure it would be impossible anyway to actually gauge how many people read a particular scribes articles on the website, you’d need some kind magical system for that :angry: :angry:

Performance linked pay … perish the thought :angry:

In the spirit of John Waters objections to profanity, the Spectator guy Alex Massie must be a complete knobhead to use a screenshot of an Irish newspaper from the day after the original Bloody Sunday.

I wonder… if i were to leave a comment on that story linking to this thread would the IT happily payout €500 to the pin? :angry:

The recent revamp of the Irish Times is simply appalling!!!
reduced news content,too much nonsensical opinion and now with complete with readers comments!!!..,news of week???..if you are a daily reader you would be aware of it , patronising pricewatch (no comments about increase in Irish Times price), the list goes on!!

If you compare the Indo to the Irish Times on a day to day basis the Indo is more newsworthy and at the moment cheaper!!

Sad to see a once great paper reduced to this basic level! :frowning:

Super hot idea, lets bill 'em for a cool mill… consider yourself promoted {slap on back}… Executive Head of Internet Sales… how do you like your office… you’ll find the drinks cabinet with a ready supply of TK red Lemonade, box of USA biccies and collection of various antique top trumps to pass your day and cruse to your next concept stake out.