Irish Times. The Ubershills on the defensive

Sure we believe you, you bought Myhome for €50m , a ridiculous amount, and you had no skin in the pimping and shillling game. You deliberately changed the text prices to ‘graphics’ to prevent price disclosures.

Madam, you protest too much.

You are doddering Madam, don’t let the door whack your arse on the way out. She offered one half plausible defence, that they were the first to presage the bust albeit in Op Eds not in inhouse journalism.

But the damage was done between 2000 and 2006 with the streams of unctous porn in your property supplemeent madam.

Guilty as charged.

I do recall there being somewhere in the region of 40 pages of S&M property porn in the paper of record every Thursday.

One wonders how much money they made from these supplements/advertisements?

Is she going of her own accord or being pushed as the sacrificial lamb to the slaughter as penance for previous sins of gluttony and lies? … 6749.shtml
The Irish Times Ltd buys for €50 million
Jul 28, 2006
By Finfacts Team … rty-scoop/
Why did the Irish Times spike its own property scoop?
April 28th, 2008
Richard Delevan
Quotes this thread:
Dublin EA’s caught inflating reported sale prices: SBP
Marc Coleman
Irish Times Economics Editor 2005-07

One wonders if the Sara Carey debacle had any influence on this.

After all what is good for the goose…

… is good for the propaganda

It turns out that Marc Coleman was trying to warn us all along. :open_mouth: Although how long he spent trawling through his ‘huge output’ to find these context-free snippets is anyone’s guess.
Doesn’t take as long as you’d imagine.

I know.

You’d wonder why the Irish Times got rid of him!

I complained to advertising standards (ASAI) towards the end of 2008 about myhome (then owned by IT for a couple of years) deliberately making homes seem cheaper by quoting per month mortgage repayments based on way out of date ECB rates.

This was endemic across the whole website.

They were forced to change these.