Irish Times: The wind that shakes Barleyfield's ghost estate

As seen on Street View on the Ghost Estates thread … 7,0,15.08

Whitechurch has about 39 properties on daft at the moment including Barleyfield
This one caught my eye at €360k 4 bed 3bath

ps I am a Southside I’d get a nosebleed if I went up to that altituce :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t believe the 5 minutes fromCork City guff either. It’s a good 20 mins form the fringes of the City (if you’re not stuck behind a tractor)

I’ve seen the houses - a nice finish but completely overpriced

From the article,

Yeah, because having a bunch of empty houses in your village is so much worse than renting the houses out to the type of people who rent large detached houses in the country. :unamused:

These village people have a bigger problem than (God help us!) tenant types living nearby if it’s their own property prices and lifestyle their worried about.
The swamping of their sraidbhaile with an outer belt of unconnected housing estates has truely banjaxed any village character that may once have been there and will contribute practically zip to the local economy.