:Ireland: Irish Vs The Menace

Happy to fence of this, fence off the Daíl but the enforce the borders… sure what borders? Nobody believes in borders any more ya know, don’t be a pro-border racist, ya racist! :whistle: :icon_beer:


Ah Jesus you gotta read this trice.
"Who in Europe would Sinn Féin speak to — or should I say, shout at? They’d isolate Ireland in the EU through their alliances with fringe groups, extremists, eccentrics, and Putin sympathisers.

I doubt Putin would piss, Oh no stop HATE SPEECH CRIME.
All the same what a fooking Bimbo.

Reminds me of where I work. They made a big song and dance about celebrating the Indian holiday of Diwali, but will refuse to recognise Christmas. They’ve even renamed the Christmas party to the Holiday party :clown_face:

Vincent Carroll on the SF/PBP property seizure rally etc.

Deserved it’s own break out Guns For All or Only They/Them?