:Ireland: Irish Vs The Menace

Gardaí are gathering intelligence from social-media platforms about how recent anti-asylum-seeker protests have been organised.

The inquiry comes amid indications of input from overseas extremist groups, including far-right groups in Britain and neo-Nazi groups in Europe and North America.

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris admitted that recent protests across Ireland had been “sinister”.

He said gardaí were now liaising with police forces in other European and North American countries to learn lessons about how to handle such far-right agitation.

Is Drew heading to Rome to look into the Italian Government?
Or France where 13.2 million people voted for Marine Le Pen’s National Rally last May?

Or Denmark’s ‘Social Democratic anti-immigration government’
Denmark to deport migrants to asylum centres outside EU under plans to crackdown on immigration | Daily Mail Online

Or the British Labour Shadow Chancellor?

Irish people are in great company with their European brothers.

And we know it :laughing:

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So that’s all ok then.

Paschal will be talking flimflam a 5pm.
Bula bus in advance.


A little nod to the Pfizer Contract - Deal with the Devil topic from 2021

Paschal to make flimflam part 2 at the earliest possible opportunity.
Starting to look more shity than one would have thought.
The big question that he must answer is:
Did Mr Stone follow up with a similar arrangement in the 2020 election?
This is not going away.

Oh deary deary Splaschal Doneforwho.

Did he forget to carry the one or something?

Has Paschal panicked and gone off script? or has Leo decided to do an Internal review?
Is Leo managed by Madigan?
Would Madigan want Paschal’s job? and if so why?

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Let the bitching begin.

And if they are not, we will make sure they are.

A misogynistic queer Taoiseach talking about fur coats and nickers, well fuck me.

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Spaschal Donforwho digging deeper.

More you say? Well I never.

Recollections. Not mature ones just Recollections. Cos we got caught innit.