:Ireland: Irish Vs The Menace

The Stuff of comedy
He said in his view what “it boils down to” is whether you believe Minister Donohoe or not. "

“I believe him. It is clear what happened here,” he added.

He said there is no question about Minister Donohoe having broken spending limits or “anything like that”.

“It is just a question of some spending having gone unaccounted for. And it went unaccounted for because he was unaware it occurred.”

We have a gang of persons putting up large posters on lamp posts in Dublin in 2016 and again in 2020 with Paschal’s mush to the fore and the said posters went unnoticed by only two people, that being the Stone that paid for them and Donohue.
Ah Jesus

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It has been said that if one wants to listen to downright lies go to a Court, not the case anymore,
Live @ 2pm and I have no doubt this episode will be embarrassing for all that witness.

You will pay. You.

One minister forgets about his posters the other forgets about his other gaff.
Rules and all that.

IRELAND, YOUR COUNTRY can’t afford Irish peeps.

The World, no problem.

The Enemy has spoken.


That’s demoralising, even the immigrants from the UK have vastly more wit.

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Racist antivaxx immigrants.

You see peasantry. Rules and regulations apply only to you cunts.

The tonsil tickler Taioseach is full of info of late.
Varadkar: Government will not be extending all cost-of-living measures
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said the Government will not be extending all cost-of-living measures that are due to expire at the end of February.
Taoiseach admits social housing target missed last year
We cannot guarantee accommodation for everyone coming into Ireland, Leo Varadkar tells the Dáil - Independent.ie

What do you say?

We’re simultaneously ‘far-dexter’ and sinister :roll_eyes:

The etymology is interesting

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Ok I get the picture!

Within 20 minutes of reading your post I see these.

One can be forgiven for understanding who was driving who.

12 billion

I don’t think your average Joe will dig that one.

Far right. Solidarity. Migrant men good. Irish people bad.

Did i miss nething?

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