:Ireland: Irish Vs The Menace

Very weak but the Huff n’Puff speech legislation looks to have been delayed no?

I wonder did the twitter move screw their plans up. The hand in glove operation they have enjoyed for so long, was about to be formalised in shyte legislation, not legit, not one bit, but now a major platform is apparently not playing ball and gaining in popularity and increasing video duration length, has unbanned a lot of the mass banned accounts, and the word, whatever it is gets out rapid and about the place like there is no tomorrow.

I’d say they really really HATE twitter now.


R u one?

Worse. I’m a pissed off middle-aged Irish biddy.

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I half thinking of doing up some professional posters with

This is not Irish Culture

for the Paddy’s day parade.


Any spare rooms lads?

Plan to spend Easter at your holiday homes, because that won’t be an option by the time summer comes around.

I still don’t see that happening.

Unless your holiday home is inside your 15 minute sector you have no need of it comrade.
Surrender it to the glory of Ukraine!

Maybe we should start a known holiday home ownership register of Ireland’s great and good. Roundstone and Kinsale could do with some Somalians walking around imo.

We don’t want to start seizing/CPOing anybody’s property and what about the poor locals. No, the answer is to put these economic migrants into places like D4, Blackrock, Dalkey, Dundrum etc.where they will be very welcome…

I live in one of the above mentioned places and the good folk around me will have no problems taking them all in.

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It’s been going on for years without them even knowing about it (until strangers appear walking about). I live in one such area mentioned. Local tourist accomdation was quietly purchased and converted to DP center a few years back in Flanagan’s era. Still in use. Of the cars and vans sitting in it’s car park, there’s not too many bangers. Things that make you go hmm.

Agreed but where I am near the sea, they need a lot more to make their lives more meaningful.


Among the more radical ideas floated were that the state might consider building two new cities to accommodate “not just Ukrainians.” It was also felt that “compulsion may be required,” specifically in relation to “gathering holiday homes.”

That would mean taking people’s holiday homes from them, I presume.

So do I and I do have problems with taking them all in! Does that mean I’m not “good folk” :cry:


The fair maidens of the far right :slightly_smiling_face:

“Does that mean I’m not “good folk” :cry:

Haven’t you listened to the recent sermons of our secular priests in the Dail explaining your moral obligations to you? Repent and believe! :slight_smile:

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