:Ireland: Irish Vs The Menace

Unpaywalled menace media link: https://archive.is/CEhRM

It’s your fault for having a car. You Racist Russia lover.

Yea, 20+ years, and it is only because it’s being driven so hard now in the rest of the country (none of this is a mistake or incompetence, it’s the plan) making it impossible not to notice.

Dublin has been gone since 2018, now it’s chaos, and took about 20 years or less to not only catch up but surpass other countries like the UK, the rapid phase has been since 2015 onwards.

Ukraine and the “military males” phase of 2022- is but the very clumsy and awkward tip of the iceberg, post lockdown injection psy-op warfare.

The vaxxicutions delivered by Menace are occurring during this second phase.

First Attack Wave - injections
Second Attack Wave - invasion

We’re not out of the woods yet.

Same thing different source

Turning to leprechauns now.

“You mustn’t give them the opportunity. The best way of not giving them the opportunity is to fill the place with services.”

We understand what that means, thanks. Any souvenirs…

“Michael Lynch from ML Hospitality did not wish to comment”


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“For the past 20 years, Sinn Féin’s brand of narrow nationalist, populist, Eurosceptic, anti-establishment politics has grown steadily in support. That didn’t leave space in fertile working-class areas for a right-wing party to emerge.”

“Nationalist” - has he been living under a rock the last few years? SF have come a long way Fionnan and you’re either thick or simply being totally disingenuous here - i can guess which.

"When hitting the Government’s inadequacies on housing on two fronts, it’s not a big leap to get into the narrative of “we should be ­housing our own first”.

But McDonald has not gone there at all. Her position has been ­responsible."



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People are waking up.

Traitors or Traitors in waiting!

None of the existing establishment parties, including the loyal opposition Sinn Fake have anything to offer, it’ game over.

The waking up will continue and when everyone can see what the Menace is all at once, in the world together, then you are in a new world and the Menace losses all it’s power.

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SF promoting vauxhall ISD. Crazy world.

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Always outing themselves, you’d better off reading:

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Memember. You heard it here.

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4am (EST) talking points wake a lot of people up, that’s very early!!! :yawning_face: