:Ireland: Irish Vs The Menace

How to spot a Menace approved protest


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“Tomorrow Tonight” - regime full on scare tactics for climate restrictions on RTE now. Keep a sick bag on hand before watching. No doubts where Mark Little’s allegiances lie.

Mandatory selection.

WHO are you.

The usual.

Archive link: https://archive.is/qPg6h

Another Hope & Courage Collective Far Right Observatory paint by numbers boy who cried wolf media slot, it could also be that ISD is one of the “thought leader” operations that mentors the Hopefully Collecting nice wedges and good-boy doggie treats that enCourage more output.

If you read the latest reports from the Far Out Spook Observatory, it’s indicates most of the media houses are fronts used to disseminate psychological operations and many contributors and content generators originate from intelligence controlled services posing as civilian based entities interacting with their spook counter parts infiltrated into Big Tech corporations under cover of humanitarian rescue.

It’s everywhere this morning… because of lunatic elected in Argentina?

I just realised that myself! Yes has to be… has to.

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They never analyse the growth of the far-left on social media, do they. Dem growin’ is fine.

As usual always read the end fo the intel-debreifing first, to get the comms:

Support increasing

While the study’s authors note that, until an election, it is hard to know how widespread the beliefs expressed in these groups are among the general population, their study does indicate that support for extreme positions is increasing.

“The impact that they are having is still very serious,” Aoife Gallagher said.

Members of the groups, she said, “don’t need to have political power in order to harass migrants, and they don’t need to have political power to go into libraries and harass librarians and storm Drag Queen Story Hour events.”

Monday’s aren’t usually this enjoyable and upbeat heading into winter. :dipso:


Ciara Kelly: It used to be religion and politics we weren’t to talk about. Now, it’s immigration, transgenderism…

Read it here: https://archive.is/m2GgY

That’s all over the place. Remind me again what does Ciara Kelly do other than acts as type of soft-gatekeeper for the menace regime, is she a Snoozetalk host or something?

Yep snoozetalk.

A :syringe: pusher ?

Yep GP I think

But then…

Oh come on
Good beef depends on more emissions
If the cattle don’t gas off, where are the gases going to go?
And you want to eat that??
Come on everyone, get a grip

Don’t say we didn’t tell ya.

Well worth a listen.