Maybe I’m just behind the curve, but I never noticed this site before:

Natty layout, and not obvious who’s running it. I didn’t nose around too much, but I noticed some annoying misleading links to “Comparison of asking and selling prices” which does nothing more than list a sample of selling prices and invites you to look up the property price register yourself for comparison.

Never seen it either, but from a quick browse I haven’t managed to find any original information - mainly re-postings of publicly available information - i.e. property price register lists, NAMA properties for sale (already online… think from NAMA’s site), list of allsop properties for sale, etc. Maybe I’m wrong and there is some original content somewhere - but a site reposting all of that public information is useful for ad revenue generation as you have a huge amount of addresses, etc. that people are searching for that will get you clicks from google search.

Appears to be run by a woman in Kilkenny.

Actually, on this subject, I saw this a while ago and thought it was interesting:

The homepage news articles are just links to IT/Indo news pieces, but they claim to track advertised for sale prices back to 2002.

Demo here:

Wonder how extensive their records are. I have pretty extensive records myself for Dublin but certainly would be a useful tool if records are comprehensive for every county since 2002. On the downside the site is stuck back in time a bit and to subscribe you have to email the owner to get account details. No details re pricing.

Obviously aimed at EAs, judging by this quote: “Our Print Results function allows you to print a very neat presentation of the comparables to show to the vendor. (Please, DO NOT leave the print out with the vendor as our data should only be handled by professionals who are aware of its limitations.)” :unamused: