Irishpropertywatch - defunct?

Seems to be gone the way of the dodo? … edpage.cgi

Gosh, it was there about 2 days ago because I checked a house on it…
I know they haven’t been producing reports since about May of last year, but the price change history search function still worked.

I’ve PM’d Dreaded Estate re the status of

I see is back in action.

We should be very grateful to the various people who give of their time and expertise to maintain house price data on line. (Government - please take note!)

Thanks guys for all your MOST useful work! Much appreciated.

Anyone know how to contact the admin at IrishHouseHunter? I sent a message yesterday but the current report is still listing price changes from the same period last year.

A personal thank you to irish property watch, it’s really helpful to illustrate to friends when persuading them to be patient


IRRESPECTIVE of whether it continues IPW has been fantastic. The scruplous nature of its forensic work meant mainsteam media had to ackowledge it and give it credit.

Without prejudice to any future contribution it makes, it may be that its most important work is already done. Fantastic Guys and thank you

Thanks to those who run IPW.


Anyone know if there is a similar site in UK ? At moment am looking to rent a 1 or 2 bed, current btl landlord having flat repossesed (not sure what smiley to put in here !)

Sorry about the down time lads. We had some technical issues but everything should be up and running again now.

Thanks for the great work DE

Cheers but it isn’t just me, whizbang and soma need thanks as well.

Might be restarting the reports if there is a demand for them seems to be down again. Really missing it as it was to be a reference for some arguments in support of a cheeky bid I’m about to make on a house. Any indication on when it might come back online?

Use collapso johnny…

I’ll check it out. Was working yesterday.

Thanks DE. Yes, it was working last week too.

is the site down again?

dreaded estate,if you get a chance can you check it out,cheers. is working fine now.

And once again, thanks to Mr Dreaded Estate for his generosity in providing this service.

Also thanks to the guys or gals behind:

Your work is much appreciated and closely followed! :smiley: