Irishpropertywatch - defunct?


dreaded estate,if you get a chance can you check it out,cheers.

#20 is working fine now.

And once again, thanks to Mr Dreaded Estate for his generosity in providing this service.

Also thanks to the guys or gals behind:

Your work is much appreciated and closely followed! :smiley:


homeboy,have you actually done a search?nothing happening for me when i try,page wont open up.


Yeah seems to me like the performance of the site has degraded to the point where its almost unusable. Not sure the cause. Still was great while it lasted so thanks to all involved.


running perfectly now,big thanks to de and co.


Very handy that propertywatch…

Just after sending an Email to an Auctioneer telling him to update his price for a certain house…

Similiar House to one he has listed is 65K less and is fully furnished…

Cant wait for the reply.!


More the co than the de :slight_smile:


Will irishpropertywatch open on an iPad? I am not having any luck with


Is the site down?
it is not even returning pings, just telling me request timed out
Has anyone else been able to access this site recently?


I’ve switched to daftdrop … as mentioned on this site somewhere… by doubleglaze … even dropped in a small contribution :smiley:

viewtopic.php?f=10&t=42028&p=553799&hilit=daftdrop#p553799 mentioned here…

Here is link!homeView


Unfortunately it doesn’t have old data. Irishpropertywatch is great for seeing prices from a few years ago.


IPW had an edge on property-bee too, if you searched for an address it would show up the full history of the area. Not just what is currently advertised.


Will try and get it back up and running, sorry about all the downtime.

The database is completely over loaded atm, almost 5 years of weekly prices for every property listed adds up :slight_smile:


It is a fantastic history to have.
Thanks for all the hard work you put in over the past 5 years.

    1. Very many thanks Mr Dreaded Estate.


Could we offer help? server space? Some beer?


Back up and running for the moment :slight_smile:


Hi DE, the website appears to be down again.

#37 is now at
sorry about that.