IrishPropertyWatch in the news again.

They are starting to give IrishPropertyWatch the credibility it deserves when they mention it in the press like this. After all, we all know government backed reports on the property are complete subjective Vested Interest rubbish and there are no actual figures published by this Builder backed government. Did I mention I hate FF.

Link to Indo article … 64538.html

From what I’ve seen the number of drops has picked right back up again. IPW’s next report should be back it’s usual volume of drops.

I heard a rumor that Dundrum Point has started down the rental route due to zero interest in the 520 unit they have on offering. I don’t know the guy who told me so can’t be sure how true this is. So I decided to see if I could back up the story.
Below you will see two extracts from the rental section of daft. Both SouthMeade and Dundrum Point were built by Dorville homes. This SouthMeade one is an attempt by the builder to become a landlord. I know this cause the pics are from the brochure and the price is 50 Euros higher than all other attempts at rental. It is insane but builders seem to think they should charge more whether it is when they are selling or renting.
Now, You will see the agent being used is the same for both. Also the Dundrum Point one is using the picture from the brochure also.
I think this is proof enough.

Incidentally. I checked the gas meters Southmeade again. There are several with a reading below 50. This means there has never been anyone living there or they don’t need to heat their apartment. Also no change to the apartments in SouthMeade that remain unfinished/unsold.