IrishPropertyWatch - MyHome Report #7 - 387 Price Drops

A 2-week analysis of (completed at start the week which will see the Irish General Election) has uncovered what appears to be a strong indication that some vendors are adopting a ‘wait and see’ attitude.

387 drops have been detected, which is about half the average number of price drops that have been detected in previous fortnightly reports.

The most noticable drop is a 26% asking price reduction in Leitrim, and the report includes several large reductions throughout the country. At the ‘trophy home’ end of the spectrum, there has been an almost 17% drop in the asking price of property located on Nutley Lane, D4.

Interesting, I think you are right on the whole “Wait and see” element. Daft watch also seems to be stalling.

I have noticed this. Price drops have stopped. I imagine most people think that once stamp duty is “sorted out” after the election, price will shoot up again :smiley:

I wonder if new properties listed are being listed at lower prices.

We would know until the next Daft or MyHome report.

I think there may be a timelag involved.

A search of Daft shows 40,866 properties for sale. It only hit 40,000 this day last week. You may see 41k by tomorrow.

Can we have a link to the report please? Thanks … 00507.html

Thanks BB. Forgot that it was available on the ‘home’ page

How about an Irish property watch sticky to put links of all the reports into so we have them all within easy access?

I thinking of putting link son the main page ot each one actually, jsut haven’t had a chance. Yea a sticky here should be no problem but for the moment I’kll hold off till the weekend and do a bit of house cleaning on the site if I can.