IrishTimes: FG by-election candidates seek cut in stamp duty

Erm, to help employment in the building sector? I thought there was already no stamp on new houses?

Just proves that none of them have a clue! :unamused:

No harm in cutting it now. 2% of nothing is still nothing, so the exchequer is hardly going to suffer. But it would be interesting to know if they would increase it on prices going up.

It does sound like a populist move though.

  1. FTB’s don’t pay stamp duty.
  2. Any new houses built to keep builders in work woudl also be exempt.
  3. We already have too many empty houses.

For some reason when I hear stuff like this from George, I get flashbacks to that scene in
Planet of the Apes when the guy turns around and you see the scar on his temple, and
his brain obviously has been tampered with.


It’s like he said - he joined the FG party, they did not join him. He is clearly constrained by FG policy direction which is unfortunate as I believe he could offer more if given a free hand.

You can contact him here:



My experience is that several of the chattering classes in the constituency still believe that the Stamp Duty issue brought about halt to the property market.
I’m not going to put up their names and phone numbers, but I work with a few people who hold this opinion.

Good move by George and Paschal to suggest this.
It might be a vote winner.

Pity really.

where did the thread about another fg candidate go?

legal issues?

I emailed him last week and am disappointed I still have not received a reply

At least George has the excuse that he’s covering a big area and might be a bit busy canvassing etc.

I emailed one of the FF local candidates asking why he was promising to bring broadband to rural areas, when his own party in government for 18 of the past 20 years obviously had no interest in doing so. I asked him what a newly elected County Councillor could do about it.

Still no reply.

I suspect the policy would be “If they’re asking questions, they’re not going to vote for you anyway. Move on.”


Political opportunism in an election campaign…fancy that?

It’s ironic that O’Brien uses words like illiterate… :angry: He’s a c**t if ever I met one

on new builts only - but they do only second hands - right?

No-one pays stamp on new builds - FTB’s exempt from stamp duty on 2nd hand property.

What about the big picture guys? Stamp duty at present levels merely encourages the Government to rely on it as a source of income (and we all know where that got us). What is it for? Its to ensure that the contract for your house is enforceable in court. In other EU state it is 2 per cent or less.

Messing with it in the boom would have led to further house price increases but now as George says it will have no impact when the market is dead.

What it does mean is that we are rediscovering a competitive advantage that will be to all our benefits if/when the uptick comes (whether a decade or two decades to come).

Many of you have not yet bought property surely you dont want to pay a huge percentage of the price to the government to do so? Lee’s proposal makes sound economic sense and is Im sure something George would have been in favour of since the late 1990s.

It also acts as a discouragement against ‘house-flipping’,
thats one of the reason for our massive property bubble,
transaction costs were too LOW in Ireland.